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Premium Rollators

Move safely and independently

Discover fun in everyday life - activity instead of boredom

Exercise in the fresh air and a safe life at home: Saljol and Rollz rollators prevent falls, at home and on the move. You are safe and elegant on the road, supported by the best technology and materials.

Rollators for every purpose

Carbon rollator

Lightweight rollators made of carbon: elegant, high quality and reliable aid for everyday life.

To the carbon rollators

Rollator Wheelchair

A rollator wheelchair is a rollator that can be transformed into a wheelchair in a few simple steps.

To the rollator wheelchairs

Shopping rollator

Special rollators for your daily shopping: a shopping trolley with seat function.

To the shopping rollators

Outdoor rollator

Robust rollators with soft pneumatic tires for safe driving on almost any surface.

To the outdoor rollators

Indoor rollator

Indoor rollators with many useful features that make your everyday life easier.

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Parkinson rollator

Rollator for neurological gait disorders in Parkinson's disease, MS or after a stroke.

To the Parkinson rollators

All-round rollator

Chic rollators for every occasion: light and safe multi-talent for city and countryside.

To the Allround Rollators

3in1 electric wheelchair

Electric wheelchair, transport wheelchair and rollator in one: practical solution for various mobility needs.

About the Rollz Motion Electric

Our most popular rollators

With our rollators, we have been able to enable numerous people to live a self-determined and independent life again. Convince yourself of our best-selling rollators:

Table of Contents

The rollator - the new lifestyle product

Wikipedia defines a rollator as follows:"A rollator or walker is a wheeled walking aid consisting of a support linkage fitted with wheels."

This very plain and unappealing description reflects the importance of a rollator to most seniors. This is because the rollator is unfortunately still an unloved aid, as it is considered a symbol of old people. This is additionally due to the appearance and functionality of the standard rollators ("cash rollator"), which are not very appealing and also help only to a small extent.

Standard vs. Saljol Rollator

Saljol has set itself the goal of improving the image of the rollator: We develop rollators that not only look smart, but actually help the user. Our rollators are not only aids but also lifestyle products. Rollators should fit into every area of life, be modern and fashionable and, above all, people should enjoy using them without shame.

Premium rollators are characterized by a variety of features and thus clearly stand out from the standard rollator:

Appealing design

For many, the design and appearance of the rollator is the decisive argument. Only those who like the rollator will feel comfortable with it. The rollator should fit you. Thus, the rollators from Saljol are based on the design from the 50s. The result is elegant, curved models. Rollz models range from eye-catching to subtle colors. There's something for everyone here!

Carbon Rollator - Detail: Korkhandgriff

Special driving feel

Particularly important, but often neglected, is the driving feel of a rollator. Modern rollators come with very specific tires that have special characteristics: harder tires for city and street up to Pneumatic tires for forest paths and off-road. As all-rounders count our special solid tireswhich are suitable for any terrain.

The suitable tires lead to more stability and comfort, as shocks and unevenness are absorbed. Thus, the wrists are spared and safety is increased.

Geschwungenes Design Rollator

Outstanding quality

Reliability is another important criterion besides appearance. With us, there are no sharp edges or rattling parts. Our long-term guarantees show our confidence in the quality of our products (e.g. 4 years for the carbon rollator).

In addition, our rollators are constantly developed and optimized to keep the quality at the highest level and to meet customer needs and feedback.

Carbon Rollator - Spaziergang

Carbon Rollator - Fahrgefühl

Foldable with travel bag

Especially when traveling, a small pack size and quick folding and unfolding are important. This turns the rollator from an annoying burden into a helpful travel companion.

For a small pack size, the height adjustment must work easily and it must be easy to adjust it back to the correct height.

Travel bags stow the rollator safely and scratch-free for flights or long train and bus rides.

Comfort on the road

Even in old age, travel and an active lifestyle are no longer a problem with the right rollator. Depending on your wishes, there is the right model.

A very lightweight rollator made of carbon can also be taken alone by bus, train or plane without any problems. A rollator wheelchair can be converted from rollator to wheelchair in just a few steps - this is ideal for longer distances when you are traveling as a couple and you can no longer walk as long.

Carbon Rollator - Zusammenklappen für den Transport im Auto

Carbon Rollator grün - Reflektion im Dunkeln

Safety first

Safety is essential for everyone. To keep you safe on the road with your rollator, Saljol works closely with the Verkehrswacht.

The Saljol rollators have extra reflectors. The reflectors are placed in such a way that you can be seen very well from the front, from the side and from behind in the dark season, because the headlights of the cars are reflected.

For visibility to the front, we also offer a rollator lamp that serves as a headlight. When removed, it becomes a handy flashlight.

Different rollators at a glance


Residential rollator

Carbon Rollator

Shopping rollator


Parkinson rollator

  Wohnraumrollator Anthrazit Carbon Rollator CR62 British Racing Green Rollz Flex Einkaufsrollator Rollz Motion² Island Blue Rollz Motion Rythm
Body size 1,45 m - 2,00 m 1,50 m - 2,00 m 1,40 m - 1,95 m 1,50 m - 1,90 m 1,60 m - 1,90 m
Max. Load 150 kg 125 kg 150 kg 125 kg 125 kg
Seat width 43 cm 45 cm - 46 cm 44 cm 45 cm 45 cm
Seat depth 52 cm / 55 cm / 58 cm 54 cm/ 62 cm 62 cm 45 cm / 55 cm 55 cm
Weight 9,3 kg - 9,7 kg 5,6 kg 7,4 kg 11,6 kg 11,4 kg
Width folded - 22 cm 33 cm 31 cm 31 cm
Width open 56 cm 62 cm 62 cm 67 cm 67 cm
Shopping bag - 5 kg 20 kg Optional: 5 kg Optional: 5 kg
Application area
  • Living room
  • Indoors
  • Apartment
  • City
  • paved roads
  • forest and gravel roads
  • Shopping
  • Shopping
  • rollator & wheelchair
  • long distances
  • paved paths
  • neurological gait disorders, e.g.: Parkinson
  • paved paths
  • optional: rollator & wheelchair
  Open Open Open Open Open

Carbon Rollator Grün - Neben dem Auto

Comparison premium rollator and standard rollator / cash rollator:

As a buyer of a rollator, the question arises early on whether a cash rollator is enough or should it be a high-quality premium rollator?

Aid number for rollators

In order to get a rollator reimbursed or subsidized by the health insurance, you need on the one hand a prescription and on the other hand the rollator needs an aid number. The requirements for this are, among other things:

  • Cleaning ability with household means and methods
  • Adjustable brake on the rear wheels with locking device
  • Steerable front wheels
  • Height-adjustable push handles
  • Reflectors or reflective surfaces on all sides
  • Tipping aid

(All requirements can be found at

However, these requirements do not address workmanship, utility, or user support. As a result, most cash register rollators are simple steel designs that are manufactured and processed as cheaply as possible.

However, these cheap cash register models do not take into account user-friendliness, range of use, look or feel. Therefore, the standard models are sufficient only for the simplest applications without any demands.

Subsidies for premium rollators

More expensive and higher quality rollators can be subsidized by the health insurance after consultation in special cases. It is of secondary importance whether the rollator has an aid number or not.

Premium rollators are not based on the cost requirements of the health system, but on the needs of a mobility-impaired person.

Our Saljol Carbon and Allround rollators have such an aid number.

You will need the following medical aid number to prescribe the Saljol Carbon rollator: Item no.:

The following medical aid number is required for prescribing the Saljol Allround rollator: Item no.:

Rollator as medical device

All rollators are considered medical devices. Therefore, every premium rollator must fulfil at least the same requirements as a standard rollator with a medical aid number. The safety or official inspection of a rollator with a medical aid number is therefore just as guaranteed as for one without one.

Rollator - The right one for everyday use

Nowadays there is no longer just one rollator. There are different rollators for different applications. The range of rollators is similar to that of bicycles. There are more and more categories there, from racing bikes to mountain bikes to e-bikes.

By specializing in different areas or purposes, the user gets the rollator he wants and needs. Increasingly, a rollator user also no longer has just one rollator, but two or even more - again, very similar to a bicycle.

In the following, we explain the different rollators and purposes.

The all-rounder - carbon rollator

For everyday use and for most users, our carbon rollator is the right choice. In addition to the attractive design, it can be used both in the city, on cobblestones or even on field and forest paths due to its special tires. The practical bag with up to 5 kg payload is perfect for small purchases.

In addition, the light weight and smooth folding mechanism helps when traveling by public transport, such as bus and train. The seat provides a convenient place to rest during longer walks or while waiting at traffic lights or bus stops. With the help of an optional back belt, you sit even more stable and secure.

This rollator is an upscale model for rollator novices or experienced users. However, it is also suitable for anyone who wants more than a standard rollator can offer.

Click here for our carbon rollators.

Rollator für Drinnen

Rollator for indoors - the living room rollator

The most frequent falls and accidents happen at home. Why? Habit and everyday life at home make you careless and using a rollator indoors has been unpopular.

This is exactly why the living room rollator exists. The residential rollator is designed exclusively for indoor requirements, both to facilitate housekeeping and to reduce the risk of falls.

The residential rollator is explicitly allowed for tripping (= moving with the legs while sitting), the frame is fully loadable from each side without tilting. With the help of the optional accessories, such as the tray or hanging cabinet, it becomes a serving trolley or mobile storage space.

We recommend a residential rollator to every rollator user for fall prevention.

Learn more about residential rollators

Shopping helper - The shopping trolley

A popular shopping hel per are the trolleys for pulling behind. However, you cannot support yourself or sit down there. The bag of a conventional rollator is again too small for a larger purchase.

A shopping roll ator solves exactly this problem. It is a fully-fledged rollator with a large bag (load capacity up to 20 kg!), which you can also pull behind you. Not only does it fit a large shopping bag, it also meets the requirements of a rollator. This promises safety, stability and shopping pleasure.

The shopping rollator is suitable for any person who is still walking well, can no longer carry heavy loads and needs a break for longer distances. Due to its heavier weight and large pack size, it is not for traveling or for unpaved roads - in which case it is ideal as a secondary rollator next to a carbon rollator.

Find a chic shopping rollator.

Rollator zum Einkaufen

Rollator Rollstuhl

2in1 Rollator - The rollator-wheelchair

With certain medical conditions or due to age, depending on the day, one can walk sometimes more and sometimes less long. On a good day a rollator would be sufficient, on a bad day a wheelchair is needed.

Of course, you cannot take both aids with you on every walk. This is where a 2in1 rollator or a rollator-wheelchair helps. With this, the rollator can be turned into a wheelchair in just a few steps. This gives security during common walks and a bit of freedom back, since the right aid is always with you.

A rollator wheelchair is a help for every person who is surprised by attacks of dizziness or weakness. Those who like to go for walks and are on the move have the right support with a rollator wheelchair.

Choose the right rollator wheelchair for you.

Online rollator consultant

Are you unsure which is the right rollator for you? We have developed an online advisor to help you find the right rollator.

Start Rollator Advisor now

Of course, you can also call our customer service, who will assist you by phone in choosing the perfect rollator.

Rollz Flex - Einkaufsrollator - Im Supermarkt


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