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Saljol Allround Rollator
Saljol Allround Rollator Saljol Allround Rollator Saljol Allround Rollator - sitting Saljol Allround Rollator with one-hand simultaneous brake one-hand simultaneous brake All-terrain tyres - extra-large front wheels Armrest made of cork-TPE Saljol Allround Rollator Saljol Allround Rollator Saljol Allround Rollator

Allround rollator made of aluminum

The aluminum crossover rollator is a multi-talent: agile and easy to manoeuvre in the city and a real off-roader in the countryside

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The Allround rollator is available in two different seat heights. Click here to find the right size.

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Limited Edition: New Allround Rollator colours

The versatile Saljol Allround Rollator is now also available in a variety of colours: in addition to the tried-and-tested Magic Black and Pearl Grey shades, you will be able to choose from two further shades in a limited edition in spring 2024. In addition to the rich green shade Forest Green, the deep red shade Barolo Red is also available. Simply enter your email address in the "Remind me when back in stock" box and we will notify you as soon as the colored models are in stock. The new colors will be available in limited quantities.



  • maneuverable and easy to maneuver
  • foamed, shock-absorbing all-terrain tyres
  • more driving comfort thanks to extra-large front wheels
  • total weight only 6,4 kg
  • Convertible from standard two-hand brake to one-hand simultaneous brake


Aid number

Information: The Saljol Allround Rollator is available on prescription in Germany! We have had the Saljol Allround Rollator registered for you in the GKV directory of medical aids. This means that the Allround rollator can be prescribed and you can apply for a subsidy from your health insurance company.

You will need the following medical aid number to prescribe the Saljol Allround Rollator: Item no.:

Accessories for the Allround rollator

There are individual accessories for the rollator, from bells to practical bags. Here you will find the right accessory for your rollator so that everything is perfectly tailored to your needs.

An all-rounder for city and countryside

An agile, stylish city rollator for the city or would you prefer an "off-roader" for rural areas? Fortunately, thanks to the new Allround rollator from Saljol, rollator users no longer have to make this decision! The SUV among rollators can not only be used anywhere, but is also a real eye-catcher!

Aluminium Rollator für Stadt und das Gelände

The "Alu" as a city runabout

With a total weight of 6.4 kg, the rollator is lighter than most aluminum rollators and even than many of its carbon counterparts. This makes it particularly maneuverable in the city. And it can also be lifted up or down stairs if the escalator or elevator is not working.

The unique design of the frame and the elegant colours make the rollator an eye-catcher and a must-have for anyone who loves something special. The easily removable mesh bag can be loaded up to 5 kg and blends in perfectly with the chic look.

Aluminium Rollator Treppe heben

The Allround Rollator - also perfect for off-road

Aluminium Rollator auf Kiesweg

Aluminium Rollator: Handgriffe aus Kork

Comfort is of course a must for an all-round rollator. The push handles are made of skin-friendly cor k TPE and are therefore shock-absorbing, heat-absorbing and non-slip. Large armrests, also made of cork TPE, prevent pressure points on the forearms when sitting on the rollator.

Foamed all-terrain tyres provide a better ride and absorb shocks on bumpy paths. Obstacles or gravel paths are easier to negotiate thanks to the extra-large front wheels with a diameter of 250 mm.

Aluminium Rollator: All-Terrain-Reifen

Aluminium Rollator: Einhand-Simultanbremse

Unique braking system

Another highlight of the Saljol Allround Rollator that is not available on the market is the optional one-hand brake system. The rollator is equipped with a standard two-hand brake as standard, which can be converted into a one-hand simultaneous brake if required. The necessary components are included in the scope of delivery. A huge advantage for anyone who no longer has full strength in both hands.

Perfectly equipped

It goes without saying that the Allround rollator maintains and even improves on the high standard of the Carbon rollator in terms of functionality and safety.

For better visibility at dusk or in the dark, the rollator is equipped with more than 30 reflectors on the frame, handles, tipping aid and bag.

Special anti-slip pads on the tilting aid also ensure that the shoe does not slip off when the rollator is tilted.

To highlight functional components of the rollator, these have been given a cork TPE coating and are easily recognizable by their cork color.

Like the carbon rollator, the aluminum rollator has a seat net for taking a breather, the handles are height-adjustable and it has a parking brake. The rollator can be folded down to a very small size and secured with the locking hook.

Aluminium Rollator: Verschnaufpause auf dem Sitznetz

Lots of extras

The developers at Saljol have also come up with something unique when it comes to accessories for the Allround rollator! The new back belt is easy to attach thanks to the optimized belt holder. It is adjustable in size and offers a very wide and high contact surface, which makes sitting much more comfortable. A particularly large recess also allows an unrestricted view of the sidewalk. A reflective strip on the belt also ensures greater visibility.

In addition to new accessories, the aluminum rollator also comes with tried and tested accessories: these include the Jost bags, the padded seat, the sun/rain umbrella and the transport bag. Everything that is available as an accessory for the carbon rollator can also be attached to the aluminum rollator. Only the back straps are not suitable for both rollators due to the revised holder of the rollator.

Aluminium Rollator: Rückengurt

How to find the right size for your Saljol Allround rollator

Our Allround rollators are available in two different sizes: AR54 and AR62. The numbers 54 and 62 stand for the height of the seat net. Finding the right size is very easy.

1. determine your measurements

First measure your height and your support height. Depending on how confident you feel when standing or bending, you can take the measurements yourself or ask a relative, physiotherapist, carer or medical supply store employee for help.


How tall are you (A)?

Measure your total height.


What is your support height (B)?

Measure the distance from the floor to your wrist, upright posture, arms hanging loosely.

CR Maße

2. use the comparison table

Now compare your measurements with the following table and find the right size for you.


Body size (A) 145-170 cm 160-200 cm
Support height (B) 76-88 cm 81-103 cm
Your suitable rollator AR54 AR62


Are your measurements not exactly matched to a rollator size? Our sales and service team will be happy to advise you on 08141 317740 or send an e-mail to .

You can also download the size guide for the Allround rollator as a document here.

AR sitzend

The correct seat height and position

Important: Always activate the parking brakes on your rollator first if you want to sit on your rollator.

When sitting on the rollator, it is important that you can place both feet flat on the ground. Your knees are bent. You can rest your arms relaxed on the rollator handles or armrests. A back belt, which you can purchase as an accessory, offers you increased safety.

How to adjust your rollator correctly to your height

Important: Always activate the parking brakes on your rollator before you change, adjust or (dis)assemble anything on your rollator.

The right handle height

- Stand close to your rollator. Let your arms hang loosely so that they are slightly bent. Both feet should be firmly on the ground.
- The push handles are perfectly adjusted when they are level with your wrists.

To adjust the handle height of the Allround rollator

Open the hand screws next to the seat net. There is a height scale on the inside of the support bars. This ensures that both handles are at the same height. Then tighten both screws again hand-tight.

AR stehend

The Allround rollator at a glance

The Saljol Allround rollator is also available on prescription. Thanks to the medical aid number, you can have the rollator subsidized by your doctor with a prescription. All you need is the following medical aid number: Item no.:

In this table you can see the difference between the Saljol Allround rollator and a standard rollator.

Saljol Allround rollator Standard rollator
Weight: 6.6 kg incl. bag 9-11 kg
Folding: Lengthwise folding Transverse folding
Folded width: 21 cm 58 cm
Width open: 61 cm 58 cm
Seat width: 46 cm 38 cm
Max. User weight: 150 kg 130 kg
Armrest: Armrest made of cork TPE to protect the arms No armrest
Brake system: Standard brakes with option to convert to one-hand simultaneous brake;
included in scope of delivery
Standard brakes
Tires: Foamed all-terrain tires; extra-large shock-absorbing front wheels with tread pattern Solid rubber tires

Suitable for: Any surface, including uneven roads and bumpy paths level paths
Loading, transportation:
  • Weight correctly balanced
  • Secured against folding open
  • Transport handles made of cork TPE
  • Weight unevenly distributed
  • Not secured against opening
Reflectors: Over 30 reflectors; safety in the dark through better visibility About five reflectors depending on the model
Warranty: 2 years; 4 years if registered on 2 years
Costs covered by health insurance: Subsidy from health insurance possible Costs covered, plus deductible


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