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Recliner and stand-up chair

Electric armchair with stand-up aid

More information about the armchairs

Club recliner and stand-up chair

Get up safely and effortlessly with our electric Saljol TV, recliner and riser chairs. All recliners have a lumbar support. The seat depth and headrest can be adjusted. This ensures comfortable and ergonomically correct sitting. The remote control for the armchairs attaches to the headrest and side section with the aid of a magnet.

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Recliner accessories

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Table of Contents

Aufstehsessel Stehen

Electric recliners and sit-to-stand chairs: how they help you

As we get older, the muscle strength in our legs can diminish. This can make getting up and sitting down in a conventional armchair more difficult or even pose a risk of injury.

With a sit-to-stand chair, you can avoid the following:

  • At a certain point, you lack the strength in your legs and simply let yourself fall into your chair.
  • To get up from the chair, you need to pull yourself up by a table or other piece of furniture .
  • You need help from your partner or a relative to get up from the chair.

In these situations, you are not only putting enormous strain on your spine, you are also increasing the risk of falling. When pulling up on furniture, it can tip over and if you drop into the chair, you can easily miss or slip out of the chair or armchair.

A recliner and stand-up chair offers the ideal support here. It puts you in exactly the right position from which you can stand up and sit down more easily. You can get into the standing up, sitting or reclining position without much effort and with a reduced risk of falling.

The right recliner for you

The Club series from Saljol includes 2 different reclining chairs with special features and functions: Club2 and Club2 Soft.

There are also other features such as fabric/leather, color and feel.

Choose the right armchair

Once you have found the right material and color, you can start choosing the product. The following overview should make your choice easier:

Club2 - the all-rounder for everyday use:

The Club2 is our best-selling armchair and can be used in a variety of ways. Functional and versatile:

  • Functional operation with 7 buttons, backrest and footrest can be controlled separately
  • Almost horizontal reclining position
  • Reading position (straight backrest, raised footrest)
  • Material and color combination of the Club2:
    • Woven fabric in gray with faux leather in dark brown
    • Microfiber in beige with imitation leather in dark brown
  • Two motors that can be controlled independently and together
  • Click here for details on Club2
Club2 ausgeschnitten

Club2 Soft - The comfortable and soft sleeping chair:

The Club2 Soft armchair is identical in construction to the Club2 only softer:

  • Material and color combination:
    • Woven fabric in gray
    • Microfiber in beige
  • Extra thick and soft upholstery for smaller, more petite people or anyone who likes it very comfortable and soft
  • The cushions can be removed and adjusted
  • Click here for details of the Club2 Soft
Club2 Soft ausgeschnitten

More information on our chairs

The above points only provide a rough overview. You can find a comparison of the technical data in the table further down on this page. For more detailed advice, we recommend that you contact our customer service free of charge(0800 5050 269) or visit your local medical supply store for advice.

Order your chair

Once you have found the right chair, you can order it conveniently on our homepage. Alternatively, you can order the chair from your local medical supply store.

The chair will be delivered and assembled by a forwarding agent. On request and for an additional charge, you can arrange to take your old furniture with you. Please let us know in advance.

Features of the Club sit-to-stand chairs

The Club riser armchairs are all characterised by their well thought-out and helpful features. Each chair has the same basic functions, but the features of the individual chairs differ in detail.

Electric armchair for getting up safely

The motors of the armchairs are controlled via the illustrated and easy-to-understand remote control.

You can move each chair from the sitting position to the standing position and back, and from the sitting position to the lying position and back.

Reclining function

You can comfortably recline for a midday rest or a relaxing evening watching TV.

You can move the footrest and backrest independently of each other, e.g. to raise only your feet for reading.

The Saljol armchair allows you to achieve an almost horizontal reclining surface.

Club2 soft Aufstehsessel Beige -  Aufstehen mit Fernbedienung

Stand-up function

The stand-up position makes it easier to get up from a sitting position, as your buttocks are lifted upwards and all you have to do is start walking.

In return, you can stand backwards against the armchair and slowly and safely move yourself into the sitting position.

A possible lack of muscle strength in the legs is thus compensated for elegantly and safely.

Sophisticated armrests

For a better hold and more safety when standing up and sitting down, the surface of the armrests is flattened towards the inside and provided with an invisible resistance.

Lumbar support included

To increase seat stability, ergonomics and, of course, comfort, every chair has a lumbar support built into the back.

Adjustable headrest

The oval-shaped headrest encloses the head so that it is always supported and does not fall onto the shoulder. The angle can also be adjusted to suit your needs.

Magnetic remote control

The Club series has a magnetic remote control. The magnet holds the remote control securely to the armrests, the back of the chair, and the side panels.

Adjusting the seat depth

For the best possible seating comfort, you can adjust the seat depth of all Club2 armchairs in two stages.

Large side pockets

Extra large pockets are integrated into both armrests of all Club recliners. Here you can store remote controls, books and newspapers.

Club3 Aufstehsessel - Szene

Surfaces and upholstery

A special comfort foam is used for the upholstery of the Club armchair. This provides firm support with a simultaneously soft degree of hardness for comfortable sitting and lying. All materials are tried and tested in the upholstered furniture industry. They comply with the EU regulations for furniture and electronics (REACH and RoHS). The surfaces are easy to clean and disinfect.

Depending on your preference, you can choose between different surfaces:

Woven fabric

Webstoff Detailaufnahme

The woven fabric is robust and feels very comfortable for normal skin. Dirt can be removed well with a brush.


Mikrofaser Detailaufnahme

For very soft or sensitive skin, the material microfiber is suitable. The fabric is very soft and warm to the touch.

Imitation leather

Kunstleder Detailaufnahme

The imitation leather used is not only flame retardant, but also does not absorb moisture. Very robust and easy to clean.

Practical: swivel table for the stand-up chairs

Extend the armchair with the Tabula swivel table. The optional table can be attached to all Club armchairs. The table can be swiveled so that it can be pulled up or pushed away as required.

The table frame, which can bear loads of up to 150 kg, can be used as an additional support. The table is designed so that it automatically moves to the side when the chair is moved into the stand-up position.

The table is large enough to place a plate, cutlery and a glass on. It is also ideal for reading or as a writing surface.

Schwenktisch Tabula

Comparison of Saljol Club stand-up armchair with other types of armchair

Features of the wing chair TV chair Nursing chair Catapult chair Rocking chair
Alternative names - Relax chair / massage chair Transport chair Catapult seat Movement chair
Electronic with remote control - - - -
Electric stand-up and seat function - - - -
Reclining function - - - -
Remote control sticks to the chair - - - - -
Push bar - - - -
Castors for the transfer of a person - - - -
Castors for changing position in the room - - -
Removable armrests - - - -
Complete wipe disinfection possible - -
Fixed table - - - -
Avoidance of falls - - - - -
Lumbar support - - -
Quiet and low-vibration motor - - - -
Rechargeable battery for wireless operation - - - -
Adjustable headrest - - -
Side pockets for e.g. magazines - - - - -
Bracket for walking aids - - - - -

Picture gallery riser chair