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Riser Armchairs

Relaxation at the touch of a button

Club recliner and stand-up chair:  

Saljol TV, reclining and stand-up chairs offer the best place for everyone. Cozy and comfortable in every position. Soft or firm, according to your taste.
The individual sitting feeling - ergonomically adjustable.
Get up, sit down, read, sleep and totally relax: the choice is always yours.

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Standing chair accessories

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Field report of an encouraging person about the Club2 Soft!


Youtube Vorschau d47MrKctX4g

Problems getting up and sitting in a wing chair

Do you have difficulties getting up from your beloved wing chair by yourself? Even sitting down becomes a strain on your spine because you literally let yourself fall into the chair? Normal wing chairs usually have a low seat depth. This means that you need a lot of strength to stand up and sit down. It is precisely this strength that is often no longer available in old age. When you get up from the armchair you lack the strength and you have to lean on the backrest or a table. But even then you can only get up from the chair with difficulty. When you sit down you simply let yourself fall into the armchair. At a certain point, you simply lack the muscle power to sit down slowly on the low lying seat. There is a risk that you will compress your spine. In addition, there is also an increased risk of falling, as you can miss the seat when you let yourself fall.

Club1 RIser Chair Gray

Club1 Riser Armchair Beige

The Club recliner and stand-up chair - Stand up and sit down with ease   

A recliner and stand-up chair offers the ideal support here. The reclining and stand-up chair puts you in exactly the right position from which you can get up and sit down with ease. You can get into the stand-up, sitting or lying position without much effort.

Easy and safe standing up without effort

With the recliners and stand-up chairs, getting up and sitting down is easy, just by pressing buttons on the remote control. The electric motor now gently and slowly raises you up in the armchair while you are sitting in it, making it easy for you to stand up. The motor is also a great help when sitting down. By leaning against the armchair you can easily be moved from the stand-up position directly into the sitting or lying position. So you no longer have to fall into the armchair. And getting up is possible without any support or great effort. When getting up and sitting down, with a Saljol Club recliner and stand-up chair, you can save a lot of energy. You can use this strength for many other activities that are important to you. For example for a walk.

Club2 Riser Armchair Gray - stand-up with remote controle

No more bending:

Each of our recliners and stand-up chairs has a remote control with the "Klack & Fix" system developed by Saljol. The remote control can be placed on the armrests, on the back of the armchair as well as on the sides and is fixed here by magnets. In the best case scenario, the user will no longer have to bend down if it falls to the floor or even sit on the remote control. Depending on the model, choose how many push buttons are most comfortable for you. You can choose from the simple recliner and stand-up chair, the Club 1, with 2 buttons to the Club 3 with 9 buttons.

Club3 Riser Armchair  -  Klack&Fix System remote control

Lordosis support and rounded armrests

Our stand-up chairs have a lumbar support in the back. This offers additional stability when sitting. The armrests are inclined inwards, rounded at the front and provided with a seam. The seam allows you to feel the optimal support position for standing up.

Features of the different models:

Basically we have stand-up chairs with 1-3 engines. The number of motors gives information about the adjustable positions. While Club 1 allows you to stand up and sit down, Club 3, for example, allows you to save your favourite position. The heart-balance position and the zero-gravity position are also possible with the Club 3. The Zero-Gravity-Position is especially suitable for people who have a high lack of movement. The pressure on the muscles is particularly low.

Club3 Riser Armchair Gray - Zoom: Heart Balance Position

Quality: reclining and stand-up chair with the top mark "Very good":

Our Club stand-up and resting chairs have been tested by the German Society for Gerontotechnology, GGT for short. Senior citizens put our chairs to the test. They filled out a questionnaire based on a user test. The GGT considered all Club stand-up chairs to be recommendable products.

The Club1 stand-up and resting chair, for people with dementia, was tested by 12 people, aged between 51 and 87 years. The testers rated the chair as "Very Good" and gave it a "Grade 1.4". The easy handling and the workmanship of the chair were evaluated as predominantly "very good". 11 of 12 testers have already found their optimal position in Club1. 

The Club2 stand-up and sleeping armchair was tested by 14 people, aged between 51 and 80 years. The testers rated the armchair as "Good" and gave it a "Grade 1.6". The functions and workmanship of the armchair were rated as predominantly "Very good". 

The Club3 stand-up and TV armchair was tested by 13 people, aged between 51 and 81 years. The testers rated the armchair as "Good" and gave it a "Grade 1.7". The functions and workmanship of the armchair were rated as predominantly "Very good". 

Picture gallery stand-up chair

Club3 Riser Chair Gray - heart-balance-position side view
Club1 Riser Chair Beige - stand up - position with person
Club1 Beige - lie under the cover
Club1 Riser Chair Gray - stand-up-position front view
Club2 Riser Chair Gray - lie
Club2 Soft Riser Chair Beige - sleeping
Club2 Soft Riser Chair Beige - sitting position
Club2 Soft Riser Chair Beige - lift into the stand-up position
Club2 Soft Riser Chair Beige - sitting with raised foot section
Club1 Riser Chair Beige - rest position only riser chair
Club1 Riser Chair Beige - stand-up - position only riser chair
Club1 Riser Chair Gray- sitting position only riser chair
Club2 Riser Chair Gray - sit down with remote control
Club2 Riser Chair Gray - stand-up
Club2 Riser Chair Gray - lying and reading

Videos about the stand-up chair

Youtube Vorschau bS6sTB-y4PE
Youtube Vorschau Z2lz_v_lRlU


Youtube Vorschau 4fCJowHSviY


Youtube Vorschau d47MrKctX4g