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Rollz Flex small

The small Rollz Flex Shopping rollator for people from 1.40 m to 1.60 m has an extremely robust bag for up to 20 kg.

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  • Classic brake for a greater feeling of safety
  • For small people
  • Large, water-repellent bag
  • Individually adjustable handle
  • Easy to maneuver, even one-handed
  • Foldable for easy transportation



A holder for the walking aid or a bag hook for additional bags and sacks? The ideal accessories to make your shopping experience with the Rollz Flex shopping rollator as pleasant as possible.

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Rollz Flex features

Rollz Flex

Now also smaller

The small version is around ten centimeters lower than the standard Rollz Flex. The push handle can be adjusted to five different heights. The bag is adapted to the smaller frame size. The small version has classic brakes.

The Rollz Flex Small is suitable for people between 1.40 m and 1.60 m tall.


Brake safely in any weather. With the new classic brake levers the drum brake can be easily adjusted. The brake cables are invisible in the frame.

Rollz Flex Classic

Rollz Flex Classic Tasche


Water-repellent bag with a capacity of 25 litres and a maximum load of 20 kg. With zipped compartment. Includes a sturdy removable inner pocket.


Soft tires ensure comfortable riding characteristics and natural suspension.

Lightweight and compact

It weighs just 7.4 kg and is easy to fold into a compact package.

Rollz Flex Leicht und Kompakt



With the forward facing handle as a supporting backrest, you can rest on the seat.


Fully certified rollator with the look of a modern shopper.


The ergonomic handle supports upright and safe walking because it is not only adjustable in height but also in three different positions. Here in rollator position.


Tipping aid

Simply overcome door thresholds and curbs with the tip-assist.

Youtube Vorschau iyW2G1ooZQ0


Whether you use it at home, going shopping or having a coffee somewhere, with your Rollz Flex everything goes smoothly.

You can easily manoeuvre anywhere and in between. This is because the front and rear wheels are close together: your walker-rollator
will turn around you, even in a narrow corridor.

When you take a bend, the wheels don't get in the way. If you want to get something out of a cupboard, you can step aside. Even with a full bag, you can easily walk on the pavement with the sleeper aid. The Rollz Flex is therefore an agile rollator.


The bag of the Rollz Flex is made of durable and water-repellent material. It is available in two colours:

Bright Purple and Denim Grey.

Rollz Flex Tasche

Rollz-Flex Classic

Designer rollator with large bag

At first glance, you can't tell that this is a rollator. That was exactly the intention, a beautiful design that you will want to go out with!

You can maneuver easily with this safe rollator. As the shopping bag gradually fills up, you walk safely and relaxed. Even with a bag full of groceries, the Rollz Flex still runs smoothly.

Are you still unsure whether the Rollz Flex is right for your life?

With a rollator you should feel safe, but also comfortable. Whether a rollator fits you and your needs, you can check again with the help of our Rollator Advisor. Answer the questions in our consultant free of charge and we will recommend the right rollator for you.

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