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shower stool

independent shower in sitting position the first shower stool to turn on the spot.

More information about shower stools

The shower stools from Saljol

What could be nicer than starting the day with a fresh shower? With the rotating shower stool Spa you can shower safely and comfortably. Your privacy remains intact: You shower independently and comfortably. The castors on the shower stool make it turnable. You simply turn to your shower gel and shower head without cumbersome movement.

Also perfectly suitable for care: The caregiver no longer gets wet and the cared for person is completely clean.

Shower stool Spa explained in 1 minute!


Youtube Vorschau qZtC4FztmVE

Table of contents shower stool


Why even a shower stool?

They shower and wash themselves longer independently and without outside help.

No matter if

  • you do not have the necessary muscle strength to stand for long periods of time
  • You get dizzy standing up
  • you are still weakened after a leg or hip operation
  • you need to spare yourself
  • You want more safety when showering
  • you want to move 360 degrees again.

The shower stools from Saljol are suitable for each of these restrictions. The additional safety and stability lead to more relaxation and independence. Genioeß you shower again extensively!

Properties shower stool from Saljol

The shower stools from Saljol are characterized by their characteristics, the great design and the high-quality workmanship.

Rotatable and anti-slip in one: A rotating bathroom stool

The Spa shower stool has four wheels. They are not used to push the round stool around. They are mounted so that the shower stool can only rotate on the spot. You can safely lean on the shower stool to get into the shower without slipping away. While showering, turn comfortably to shower head, shower gel and shampoo.

The wheels are made of the extra non-slip material TPE. We offer you high slip resistance and yet 360 degree range of motion.

The turnability facilitates your own washing, because you can turn all around. The stool will also make every caregiver happy, as the caregiver himself remains dry, while he washes the patient and can simply turn further.


Stability and your safety are Saljols top priorities. This is why the shower stool is available in powdered steel or elegant stainless steel. We do not use cheap plastic or unstable aluminium. Our shower stool offers enough stability for persons up to 150kg despite its low weight of 7kg. Nevertheless, it is insensitive to rust. Our shower stools do not wobble and are not unstable.

Spa shower stool - Rotate

 Hygienic cutout shower stool Spa

Hygiene recess

Cleanliness and care are also very important in the sensitive genital area. All the better if it functions simply and unproblematically. Thanks to the generous hygiene cut-out, everyone can wash themselves while seated. In this way you preserve your privacy and dignity at any age.

Individual settings

The design shower stools from Saljol are available in 3 sizes. We have deliberately decided against size adjustment in order to guarantee you the greatest possible stability and safety. The seat, on the other hand, is adjustable in 3 steps and you can adjust it to your seat shape.

Always a warm seat

A highlight and a much appreciated feature is the seat made of EPP. EPP is a thermoplastic with a special characteristic: it reflects body heat. This means that the seat always feels warm - unlike simple plastic seats.

In addition, EPP has the advantage that no water is absorbed. Mould formation is prevented.


This feature should be a matter of course with a shower stool. However, only a few shower stools offer a completely closed frame into which no water can penetrate. The Saljol shower stool has no holes or openings in which water can collect.

Spa shower stool powdered anthracite - warm seat

 Spa shower stool powdered anthracite - With backrest


The spa was designed as a shower stool, but can be used anywhere in the bathroom. Since it looks very nice and does not resemble a classic plastic shower stool, there is no need to hide it. Our customers also like to use the shower stool as a seat in front of the sink or as a shelf for towels or clothes.

Comfortable shower chair

The shower stool without backrest is sufficient for most users. Nevertheless, the backrest offers additional support and stability - especially for weak muscles. Our shower stools can be retrofitted with the optional backrest (also later). This way you can easily turn your shower stool into a stylish and stable shower chair.

Picture gallery shower stool

The right shower stool for you

Before you decide on a shower stool, you need to know which one is right for you. You need to measure three things:

  1. Your body weight
  2. your height
  3. Shower width and length

Body weight

If you weigh less than 150 kg, you can use any of our shower stools without hesitation. If you weigh more, please contact our customer service who will be happy to advise you.

Body size

Since we offer the shower stool in 3 different sizes, it is important that you choose the right size. Please refer to the following table to see which size is right for you:

product size S M L
Sitting height 46cm 50cm 54cm
body size 1,35 – 1,50m 1,50m – 1,70m 1,70 – 2,00m

Shower size

We recommend a minimum size of the shower tray of 85cm in length and width so that you can rotate completely in the shower. The space requirements of the shower stool itself are shown in the following table:

product size S M L
Turning circle Space requirement 47cm 48cm 49cm

If you have all sizes together, all you have to do is choose between the black powder-coated shower stool or the stainless steel shower stool and you can order the perfect shower stool from Saljol.


The story behind the Saljol shower stool

As with all Saljol products, there is a personal story behind the development of the shower stool Spa. Bärbel B., the mother of our founder and managing director, became too weak to stand in the shower for long periods of time and shower on his own. So a caregiver took care of it. However, she became more and more unkempt - also the nose noticed that.

Showering is a fundamental right

When asked, Bärbel B. told her son that showering was very unpleasant for her. She more or less has to stand up and the nurse just takes a shower. It quickly became clear that this was not a dignified condition.

The solution: The shower stool Spa

So Thomas Appel sat down with the Saljol team and developed the spa. Since then, Bärbel B. has been able to shower independently again without any problems - even without outside help.


Shower stool compared to shower chair and shower folding seat

You will find a variety of shower stools, shower seats and shower chairs in the DIY store, medical supply store and Internet. But what exactly is the difference?


SPA shower stool

shower stool

shower chair

shower seat

product image Duschhocker Spa Duschhocker Standard Duschstuhl Duschsitz
range of application shower, bathtub shower, bathtub shower, bathtub shower
mobility flexible, only 7kg weight flexible because very light inflexible, heavy and big inflexible, because of fixed mounting
Size very compact, 3 sizes available compact and space-saving big, needs a lot of space very small, folds against the wall
material stainless steel, black / powder coated aluminium, plastic aluminium, plastic aluminium, plastic
seat EPP - a skin-friendly, heat-reflecting material, seat always feels warm to the touch plastic plastic plastic
resilience until 150 kg  On average up to 120 kg On average up to 140 kg On average up to 150 kg
sturdiness very stable thanks to special non-slip TPE wheels loose stance stable standing Fixed
rotatability yes, thanks to 4 rollers, easily rotatable around its own axis - but cannot roll away partly with swivel seat, otherwise no No No
hygiene cutout yes, and additionally adjustable in width model dependent model dependent No


The above overview clearly shows that the Saljol shower stool offers the widest range of use, the most safety features and the best design. The values in the other columns are averages.

Videos of the shower stool

Youtube Vorschau GvhLfs1valk

Gisela Grüner has been caring for her 94-year-old mother for 10 years. With the previous three shower chairs, she was particularly dissatisfied with the appearance. With the shower stool Spa from Saljol she can now wash her mother comfortably from all sides without getting wet herself.

Youtube Vorschau 3hLJAWAJVM4

Walter Nässl uses the Spa shower stool himself and is delighted that it fits into his shower and can be turned so easily.

Youtube Vorschau oWJ5t7TPyX0

The nurse Heidi Dasch is enthusiastic about the Spa shower stool. Her patients can help themselves and turn on their own axis. They sit securely and stably.

Youtube Vorschau yd1kTW3p_lI

Cleanliness in the genital area, not always easy and a delicate subject. The Spa hygiene slot simplifies washing even when sitting down!

Youtube Vorschau 5VHTKLNjqOY

Since Sonja Alt's father has been using the shower stool, showering has been really fun for him again. He feels very safe and can hold on to the two handles with his hands. He can reach the fittings himself and can do so many things on his own again.

Youtube Vorschau 4adFALhrijk

Fabian Haberkorn explains the Spa shower stool from Saljol.

Who needs a shower stool?

The range of use of shower stools is far greater than you might think at first glance. Not only seniors use our designer shower stools.

limited mobility

Young and old people with limited mobility, whether due to an accident (e.g. broken leg), after surgery (e.g. on the hip) or simply due to age, it is difficult to stand for long periods in confined spaces. Not only standing, but also bending down and turning in a small space quickly becomes a challenge. The shower stool offers you safety and conformity due to its fixed position.

Circulatory problems and dizzy spells

People with a weak circulation or circulatory problems can suffer more from dizzy spells. If the room is cramped, like in a shower, it additionally increases the feeling of dizziness. The first reaction is to hold on to the closest object. As a rule, this is the shower fitting. Since it is not designed to serve as a support, there is a great danger that it will be torn from the wall and you fall to the floor.

A shower stool avoids the problem because you don't have to stand so long. In addition, the optional backrest for the shower stool offers extra safety and additional support.

Persons in need of care and nursing staff

If you or a relative of yours is in need of care, showering can become an unpleasant and unpleasant thing. The patient loses some of his dignity if he is showered on a cold, immobile and cheap plastic frame. The caregiver gets wet himself and loses his lust as well.

The Spa shower stool has the advantage that it can be turned easily on the spot and so the caregiver can easily turn the stool with the patient and thus no longer gets wet. In addition, the caregiver can wash himself, for example, in the intimate area - thanks to the adjustable hygiene slot in the seat.

Design bathroom furniture lovers

The shower stool not only makes your life easier in the shower, but will also support you in the rest of the bathroom. As a seat in front of the mirror, as a shelf for clothes or a towel. Since it is a real eye-catcher, you don't need to hide the rotating stool anymore.

Field report shower stool: Interview with Marietta

15.01.2020, um 15:27 Uhr

In the past, Marietta always had to laboriously wash her hair in the bathtub. Marietta has been testing the shower stool for several weeks now. In this interview she tells how she is enjoying showering again, despite limitations.

Read now

 Spa backrest - shower stool Spa anthracite powdered - washing in the shower