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7 tips for developing a motion routine with rollator

 Carbon Rollator - 7 tips for developing a movement routine with a rollator

The doctor prescribed you a walkator? That's no reason to bury your head in the sand! Whatever your life situation: Exercise is good in any situation! Even if it is only a few meters at home: The main thing is that you move regularly. Because our body functions according to a very simple biological law: Only those functions will be preserved which are also used regularly. Even if the performance of the body decreases with increasing age: You are not at the mercy of many changes. Quite the opposite: With regular exercise you can actively promote your health and your enjoyment of life yourself. Build up a routine and regain your endurance.

Let's do it: In the following you will learn how to set up a movement routine with Rollator. Look forward to a reward: With a healthy habit, you will soon be able to travel further distances again and be more mobile. Then you can be really proud of it!

Look for an activity that you really enjoy

How am I even supposed to move? First and foremost, it's about you moving at all. Only in second place is it about how. Basically, it's quite simple: Every movement counts! It is possible that you used to walk a lot or hike regularly. Which of these activities can you win back for yourself? For example the daily walk or strolling in the city? It's a great feeling to create something you've already given up. Remember which activities you used to enjoy - it often makes you want to exercise all by itself. Can it be a little more unusual? Try Rollatortanz!

 Carbon Rollator - slowly increase activity

 Carbon Rollator - activity that is fun

Start very small and increase slowly

Start very small: Even if there are only a few meters or 5-10 minutes around the block every day at the beginning: Your body thinks it's really good. It is important that you stay on the ball regularly.

After a few days you can start to gradually extend your distances. Soon you will feel your endurance improve, a little more every day. If you have managed to do half an hour for the first time, it is a reason for pride and joy.

Stay tuned! Remember: Isn't it a great feeling to be able to walk a whole hour at a time?

Carbon Rollator - Uphill

Treat yourself to many breaks

The practical thing about a rollator is that you always have your seat with you. Use it actively to take a break regularly. Don't overexert yourself. You don't have to prove anything to yourself. If you want to be even more comfortable, or need additional stability on the upper body, put on a back strap.

 Carbon Rollator - integrate movement into everyday life

 Carbon Rollator - treat yourself to breaks

Integrate movement into your everyday life

It does not always have to be a consciously planned movement unit. Physical challenges can also be found in everyday life. The more small activities that come together during the day, the better. Whether cleaning or washing laundry - be inventive! Use the shopping in the city for a walk. In the rollator bags you can wonderfully stow all your errands.

Carbon Rollator - vertraut machen mit der Handhabung des Rollators

Familiarize yourself with the handling of your Rollator

Before you get started, familiarize yourself with the functions of your Rollator. How does walking feel? Walk up a curb with the rollator. Adjust the handles to the correct height. Test the brakes. Activate the gear shift when going downhill. Fold it up. The rollator is now your new accomplice in the mission for more movement. Develop a feeling for it. Many medical supply stores offer driving safety training courses or rollator driving licences.

Carbon Rollator - Make routes varied

Make an appointment for a walk

How about you and your acquaintance go for a walk in the park tomorrow? An exploration tour is not only more fun for two, but also gets your circulation going. Positive side effect: If you stick to your appointment, you will automatically stick to your movement routine. Goal achieved!

Carbon Rollator - gearshift

Create varied routes

Design your movement units to be varied. Change your routes or go the other way round. Turn spontaneously into the left street instead of the right. Keep your tours exciting. An adventure lurks at every corner! This makes it much easier to develop a routine and get used to the new daily routine.

 Carbon Rollator - date for walks

Use the Rollator as an opportunity to lead a happy and fulfilled life despite limited mobility. Accept it as an opportunity to continue enjoying the many benefits of movement, freedom and independence. Build a new routine with joy and ease. Body, mind and soul will thank you for it!

 Carbon Rollator - happy and fulfilling life, despite restricted movement


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