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Rollator wheelchair Rollz Motion

the 2in1 Rollator

2in1 walkers: A rollator becomes a wheelchair

Rollator wheelchairs or 2in1 rollators are rollators that can be converted from a rollator to a wheelchair in a few easy steps. This makes these rollators suitable for a variety of users.

Table of contents


Definition: Rollator Wheelchair / 2in1 Rollator

A rollator wheelchair (also called a 2in1 rollator) is a rollator that can be converted to a wheelchair. It is important that the conversion can be done easily and without tools. Whether used as a rollator or a wheelchair, the Rollator wheelchair is always fully functional.

 Rollz Motion² - from rollator to wheelchair in under 5 minutes

On the left side of the picture you can see the Rollz Motion² as a rollator. After a minimal conversion time it becomes the wheelchair on the right side. With a little practice you can build the rollator to the wheelchair and back again in well under 5 minutes!

Rollator to wheelchair: It's that easy

In the following section we will show step by step how to assemble the Rollz Motion 2in1 Rollator from the rollator to the wheelchair and back again.

1. hook in the seat and backrest unit

 Hook in the Rollz Motion seat unit

Take the seat and backrest unit in the provided grab handle and hold it so that the cross brace on which the red lever is mounted points forward. Unfold the red lever.

Hang the backrest in the brackets provided on the back of the walker (the back is the side with the larger wheels). Fold the red lever back so that the unit locks with the rollator.

2. fold out and hook in the back unit

 Snap the Rollz Motion backrest into place

Pull the backrest upwards by the handle. The unit folds out and can be guided into the opening provided on the side of the rollator frame. The backrest unit locks into place and should not be able to be pushed forward.

3. place handles to the rear

Next, loosen the screws on the handle of the rollator and turn the handles backwards. Adjust the height of the handles to the height of the person accompanying the person and tighten the handles again.

Put the Rollz Motion handles backwards and attach the footrest

4. attach footrests

The two footrests are located in the pocket of the backrest. Remove the footrests and simply plug them into the holder above the front panel.

Congratulations! You have converted the walker to a wheelchair in only 4 steps.

The instructions in the video

Of course we also have a suitable video in which the Rollz Motion is transformed step by step from the rollator to the wheelchair and vice versa:

Youtube Vorschau -f8_kHrMLcw

Target group Rollator wheelchair

Unlike the conventional rollator, which is primarily used for people with age-related walking difficulties, the Rollz Motion makes everyday life easier for people of all ages. In particular, it offers reliable help to people with degenerative diseases.

People with multiple sclerosis (MS)

In multiple sclerosis, the immune system turns against the body and causes inflammation of the nerve fibres, which disrupts the transmission of nerve impulses and thus causes multiple complaints throughout the body. In most cases, the first symptoms manifest themselves as sensory disturbances in the arms and legs.

The most common form of MS is remittent MS, which occurs in relapses. For the patient, this means that the symptoms occur during the relapses and are not permanent. The symptoms can become worse or new ones can be added. Therefore, many patients depend on additional support during the relapses and resort to aids.

The Rollz Motion is the ideal companion for every phase of illness, because if necessary, you can turn the rollator into a wheelchair anytime and anywhere. If you go on holiday, for example, you do not have to choose between a rollator or a wheelchair. With an aid you always have both with you and you can even take longer trips.

People with Parkinson's disease

Morbus Parkinson is the most common neurological disease in Germany. The slowly progressing disease causes nerve cells in the brain to die, resulting in a lack of dopamine. The messenger substance dopamine is responsible in our body, for example for controlling movement. The progressive lack of dopamine leads, among other things, to an increasingly severe lack of movement (akinesia).

So many people with M.Parkinson's disease can walk very well, with small steps, on the rollator. Over time, however, as more nerve cells die off, leading to an increased lack of dopamine, the lack of movement increases. Due to this considerable restriction in walking, a wheelchair will eventually become unavoidable.

The Rollz Motion2 is well equipped for this progressive disease, it serves you initially as a rollator and for times when the lack of movement increases, you can simply convert it to a wheelchair and do not need to use any other aids.

With the Rollz Motion2 you can react to every situation in the best possible way right from the start and still allow yourself a few steps on the rollator. If you notice that you cannot walk any further, you can simply convert the rollator into a wheelchair and continue to walk safely throughout the day.

People with polyneuropathy

Polyneuropathy is a disease that leads to nerve damage. Often nerves responsible for movement in the arms and legs are damaged. Polyneuropathy is usually a consequence of diabetes mellitus.

In polyneuropathy, among other things, motor nerves are damaged. The motor nerves are responsible for contracting the muscles and thus moving them. When these nerves are damaged by the polyneuropathy, the muscles can no longer contract for movement and there is a loss of muscle strength and muscle cramps. In addition, with increasing damage, whole muscle paralysis can occur.

The Rollz Motion2 is ideally suited for this progressive nerve damage. If the damage is less severe, the Rollz Motion2 can be used as a rollator and you can keep moving. If, over time, the damage affects other muscles and paralysis occurs, or you get muscle cramps in your legs while running, you can easily convert the rollator into a wheelchair. In this way, you have the right aid for every situation and you can be confident to walk again, as you can rest and sit down at any time.

People with hereditary motor sensory neuropathy (HMSN/CMT), or neural muscle atrophy

In patients with neural muscle atrophy, the peripheral nerves slowly and progressively die. (Peripheral nerves are all nerves that are not in the brain or spinal cord, but nerves that run through the entire body). In many patients there is a genetic defect. In most cases, motor nerve fibres, which are responsible for controlling movement, are affected.

Initially, the damage to the motor nerve fibres causes muscle atrophy and associated muscle weakness to develop on the feet. The damage increases over time and can later also affect the muscles of the arms.

Initially, many patients are able to walk with the support of a rollator. However, as the disease causes further damage to the motor nerve fibres, a wheelchair is required due to the progressive muscle weakness.

In order to be able to walk a few more steps, it is advantageous to be able to rely on your aid at all times. The Rollz Motion2 offers you a safe support, always and everywhere. Whether as a rollator or as a wheelchair, with a Rollz Motion2 you always have both aids with you.