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Folding the rollator

How important is it for your everyday life that a rollator is foldable?

There is a large selection of walkers on the market for assistive devices. Some of them can be folded for easier transport. We will show you how to fold the Carbon rollator and give you some examples where a longitudinally foldable rollator has many advantages. We explain the differences between a transverse fold in standard rollators and a longitudinal fold in our Carbon Rollator.

table of contents

Saljol Carbon Rollator - longitudinal folding

The Saljol Carbon Rollator has a longitudinal folding. This means that the sides of the rollator are pushed together.

Folding the Carbon Rollator

With only one hand, the release belt is pulled upwards over the seat net with a slight jerk. The walking aid can then be easily pushed together. The lock engages automatically when squeezed together. Thus the pinching of a finger is only very heavily possible. The pocket on the rollator should only be emptied before use. Then it is ready to be folded together with the walking aid. There is no need for time-consuming disassembly.

Carbon Rollator Zusammenklappen

For a more detailed view of the folding mechanism of the Carbon Rollator, please watch our video:

Youtube Vorschau FtdzpyjBOSU

Carbon Rollator Entriegelung

The opening of the longitudinal folder

To unfold, simply press the red unlocking button. Now the rollator will spring apart by itself. By pressing on the bars under the seat net, the rollator locks in place again.

Folding away the cane holder

A walking stick holder is fitted as standard on the Carbon rollator. It has a clamp on the outside of the frame at the top and a small basket at the bottom. The walking stick is placed there and clicked into the ferrule at the top. The cane holder does not have to be disassembled before folding. It pushes itself automatically inwards. So you can not get stuck on the basket for the cane holder and break it off. This is an advantage especially when loading the rollator into the trunk.

What can a rollator with longitudinal folding make possible for you again?

Due to its low weight of only 5.8kg and a width of only 22cm when folded, the Carbon Rollator is easy to store and takes up very little space.

Whether you,

  • you cannot leave the walker in the hallway. Many people in apartment buildings often do not know where the rollator can go when it is not in use. In the hallways it is often a nuisance and in the way for many people. The Carbon rollator folds up quickly and you can carry it upstairs to your home with just one hand. Here it will find a place in a narrow corner or even in a cupboard and waits patiently for the next outing with you.
  • want to stow the rollator in the car. The folded carbon rollator can be stored behind the driver/passenger seat. This way your luggage or your shopping can still be stored in the boot.
  • get on the bus. You can lift the rollator into the bus again because of its light weight. While driving, place the folded rollator into the bus with the parking brake on so that it does not hinder anyone getting on or off. Please do not sit on the rollator during the journey, but use a seat within reach of your rollator.

Youtube Vorschau Zo73eJ8kWG0

  • must climb stairs. If you need to climb a few steps to your home, you can quickly fold the rollator. Now hold on to the banister with one hand. With the other hand you carry your folded carbon rollator upwards.
  • have a movement restriction or paralysis in one hand. The Carbon Rollator can be folded and unfolded with one hand. With the unlocking strap and the light weight, you can also transport the walker with only one hand.
  • suffer from muscle weakness / senile decay. The Carbon Rollator is very smooth running. You can also manage the folding if you lose muscle strength due to natural changes in age or neurological disease.
  • additionally need a walking stick, because the cane holder pushes itself inwards automatically when folded up, so that it cannot break off.
  • likes to travel. The Carbon Rollator is also practical for stowing on trains or in an airplane. It finds room in narrow corners. So it is not in the way and can simply go on holiday with you.

For comparison: The standard rollator with cross fold

Standard rollators, which can be covered by health insurance, have a transverse fold. This means that the front and back parts of the rollator are pulled together.

The folding of a cross folder

The rollator must be pulled up by the cross brace. Now the front and back parts of the walker will contract. On many models, the basket must first be removed before you can fold it up. Both hands are usually needed to push the walker completely together and then lock it. If you don't take enough care, you can easily pinch a finger.

The opening of a cross folder

To make the rollator ready to drive again, the lock must be released and the walking aid pulled apart. Now the basket, which was previously removed, must be reattached.

Transportation and storage of a standard rollator with transverse folding

Transportation is, due to the weight and width of the folded rollator, difficult for many people. Even when folded, the rollator is still 58cm wide and weighs up to 10kg. This corresponds approximately to a bag of potting soil with 20 litres.

For stowing in a corner in the hallway or in an apartment, a cross-folder is not particularly well suited. It is very difficult and time-consuming to fold. Beyond that the folded walking aid does not remain standing correctly. By pushing the front and back together, two wheels float in the air and the walker quickly tips over.

Conclusion on longitudinal and transverse folding

A rollator with transverse folding is particularly difficult, if not impossible, for people who are weakened by old age or have restricted arm movement. Folding a cross-fold for transport needs time and care so that you do not pinch your fingers.

With the Saljol Carbon Rollator, which is only half as light, you are more mobile and flexible. This walking aid, with longitudinal folding, can be prepared for transport easily and quickly.

Even for people with muscle weakness or with only one functioning hand, the folding mechanism is easy to handle.

If you like to go on excursions or if you want to store the rollator easily when not in use, you should consider buying a Carbon rollator. To help you decide, take a look at our comparison table for the most common rollator models.

Let yourself be persuaded to spontaneous excursions with our Saljol Carbon Rollator and have fun in life.

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