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The tires of the Carbon Rollator

Versatility thanks to all-terrain tyres


wheels Carbon Rollator

The most important things in a nutshell:

  • All terrain tyres with side profile
  • Innovation: shock-absorbing solid rubberFür empfindliche Handgelenke
  • Drivability on uneven surfaces such as cobblestones or gravel
  • Special grip on smooth surfaces such as asphalt
  • Good braking ability
  • Schutz vor StürzenProtection against falls

Video: The tires of the Carbon Rollator explained in 30 seconds

Our initiator Matthias Hoppe explains in the video the special characteristics of the tyres of the Carbon Rollator. Watch now:

Youtube Vorschau 6K9yjOS4mW8

Unexpected but important: The tyres of the Rollator! As with the car, they set the course for exceptional comfort, safety and versatility.

The tires of the Carbon Rollator are a real Saljol innovation. For the first time, the wheels of a rollator are equipped with all-terrain tyres. Well-known from cars, bicycles and prams, they have tread pattern on the sides. The solid rubber wheels are designed with a solid core and soft rubber on the tread.

Shock absorption: Saves power, protects arms and hands

What does this mean for the user? Unevenness in the floor causes blows to the entire rollator when it is pushed. With hard tyres and handles, these shocks are transmitted directly to the user's wrists and arms. This is not only unpleasant and sometimes painful, but also requires much more force when pushing. 

The tread of the wheels, which is the top layer of a tyre, is made of soft rubber. This special tyre can absorb the shocks of the ground. The user saves his precious strength. Wrists and arms are spared the shocks. The cork handles made of natural material also contribute to this relief - especially for users with carpal tunnel syndrome. This allows you to recapture the lightness of walking in the fresh air!


 Extra grip and stability on uneven surfaces

Have you ever tried to pull a fully packed suitcase over a gravel path or a way? That's exactly what it feels like to be on an uneven road with your rollator: It's incredibly exhausting. The tread pattern on the edges of the Carbon Rollator tires provides extra grip and stability. So uneven surfaces are child's play! The walk on the country lane, small tasks in the old town, a short round at the lake or finally back into your own garden: No problem!

Exciting side effect: The shock-absorbing effect also makes the rollator particularly quiet: No more loud rattling and wobbling! It rolls unnoticed and unobtrusively over paving stones.

wheels Carbon Rollator

Absolutely puncture-proof: Robust solid rubber tyres

The tyres are made of solid rubber and are therefore particularly robust. No matter if glass shards, nails or other sharp objects: These wheels cannot get plates. The solid rubber core also ensures that the tyres sit securely on the rim. This makes the rollator absolutely puncture-proof. Knowing this is a clear relief - especially if the user likes to travel on remote roads.

The tyre has a smooth tread in the middle. This ensures easy walking on straight surfaces such as asphalt or indoors. The rollator is also very easy to manoeuvre. The wheels glide smoothly, quietly and manoeuvrably over smooth surfaces. They are also particularly slip-resistant and have a good grip. Keyword Aquplaning: Even in heavy rainfall, the wheels do not slip away. With our rollator umbrella, the user even stays dry and escapes the cold.

For high safety requirements

The user must feel much safer and more stable when walking with his rollator. Above all, the tyres of the Carbon Rollator contribute to a high feeling of safety and reliability - also for relatives. The Carbon Rollator is thought through from "head to toe". Saljol products are particularly safe and equipped with various practical innovations. For fewer falls in everyday life - and more fun in life. That is our claim.  

Here you can find more information about the Saljol Carbon Rollator


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