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Carbon rollator

Lightweight, foldable, modern

Lightweight rollators made of carbon

The carbon rollators from Saljol are now even lighter! Despite their weight of only 5.6 kg, they are so stable that they can easily support a weight of 150 kg. Thanks to the numerous reflectors, you are clearly visible in the dark and in poor visibility: Safety through visibility! We offer the Carbon rollator in three colors and two sizes.

Product details
EUR 689,00

New colours 2024

The Saljol Carbon Rollator is available in various colours: Our tried and tested classics are the attractive green shade British Racing Green, the dazzling blue Midnight Blue and the elegant black Matt Black. In spring 2024, the lightweight Carbon rollator will not only impress with its low weight and outstanding quality, but also with the two new colours Pure Gold and Copper Red, both as Limited Editions. With the dazzling Pure Gold shade, you will shine wherever you go. And the carbon rollator in the warm copper Copper Red immediately puts you in a good mood.


Rollator accessories

For even more safety, enjoyment and versatility, we offer various accessories to match our carbon rollators. For example, the popular LED lamp for even better visibility (fits on every rollator!), a bell or the back strap for even more stability.

Product details
EUR 49,00
Product details
EUR 35,00
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Carbon rollator explained in 2 minutes!

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Table of Contents

Why a carbon rollator at all?

The lightweight rollator

You are more mobile and maneuverable with a lightweight rollator, as this rollator is light and narrow . The Saljol Carbon rollator weighs just 5.6 kg and is 62 cm narrow when open .

Thanks to its low weight, the Saljol Carbon rollator is easy to maneuver even for people with weak muscles. You can easily push the rollator and still have a secure grip when walking.

Saljol Carbon rollator on prescription

The Saljol Carbon rollator is available on prescription! The lightweight rollator is registered in the GKV's list of medical aids. This means that the Carbon rollator can be prescribed and you can apply for a subsidy from your health insurance company.

You need the following medical aid number to prescribe the Saljol Carbon rollator: Item no.:

Easy transportation

The lightweight rollator is also easy to transport for people with less strength. You can easily load your rollator into the car. When folded, you can even carry the rollator up the stairs with one hand. This leaves your second hand free to hold on to the banister.


The Saljol Carbon rollator can be folded lengthways so that you can continue to make trips by car. The carbon rollator is then only 22 cm wide. The folded rollator therefore takes up very little space in the trunk or in front of the rear seat. It is easy to fold by pulling the easily recognizable, cork-coloured release strap on the seat.

Easy to unfold

You can unfold the Saljol Carbon rollator just as easily. Simply open the brown safety hook and pull the carbon rollator apart by the push handles. Then gently press the seat down with the flat of your hands until the seat clicks into place. The carbon rollator is now ready for use and safe travel can begin.

Push handles made of cork TPE

The push handles and armrests of the Saljol Carbon rollator are made of skin-friendly cork TPE. It has a pleasant feel and is particularly suitable for handles thanks to its non-slip structure. Cork is also UV-resistant and abrasion-proof. Even sweaty hands cannot harm the push handles. Even shocks are absorbed by the cork handles, so even a trip over cobblestones is no problem.

Many people get sore muscles in their hands with standard rollators, as the shocks are not absorbed and are transferred directly to the hands. The cork handles absorb the shocks and protect the hands and arms. As a result, there is little or no muscle soreness in the upper extremities when using the Saljol Carbon rollator. The shock-absorbing handles are also suitable for people with sensory disorders in their hands, such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

The cork TPE armrests also ensure that you are particularly comfortable when sitting. Pressure points on the forearms are avoided and the arms do not slip.

Fast and safe braking

The hand brakes are easy to reach and coated with soft cork TPE - ideal for sensitive hands . You can brake quickly and safely. The handbrake is activated as soon as you apply it lightly. When you want to sit on the rollator, press the handbrakes down. This activates the parking brake and prevents the rollator from rolling away on uneven surfaces.

One-hand simultaneous brake available as an accessory

The unique one-hand brake system, which you may have already seen on our Allround rollator, is now also available for the Saljol Carbon rollator. The Carbon rollator is equipped with a standard two-hand brake as standard, but you can purchase the conversion kit for the one-hand simultaneous brake as an accessory. This allows you to choose whether you want to operate the two brakes with your left or right hand. This is a huge advantage for anyone who no longer has full strength in both hands.

Integrated seat

With the Saljol Carbon rollator, you always have your seat with you and can take a break at any time while walking . Wherever you are forced to stand for long periods of time, you can now sit down comfortably - at traffic lights or while waiting for the bus, while shopping or queuing at the checkout.

> Carbon Rollator - Reflektoren bei Nacht


The Saljol Carbon rollator is one of the safest rollators in the world because it has more than 30 reflectors. The rollator is equipped with four reflectors on the back alone, and there are also two large reflectors on each side. These contribute significantly to your visibility in road traffic, especially at dusk . The carbon rollator also has reflectors on the wheel forks and all wheels. These spoke reflectors are recommended by the police and the traffic police, as they are particularly visible in the dark due to the movement.

You can read all about how to travel safely at dusk and in the dark in our blog.

Going downhill safely

The Saljol Carbon rollator comes asstandard with the"gear shift", or grinding brake with foot pedal. This means that you can set an individual rolling resistance via the grinding brake . To do this, you need to step lightly on the red lever on the rear wheels with your foot or push it upwards. This allows you to switch the rolling resistance on or off. This means that the walking speed can be reduced using the gear shift on the rear wheels. This is particularly helpful for getting down a hill without the rollator rolling away. With the rolling resistance, you have a stable grip on the rollator and can descend safely.

Carbon Rollator - Mutmacher Peter Statement

Our encourager, Mr. Peter Spendler, on the grinding brake:

"I often stumble due to a weakness in lifting my feet and am quite unsteady, especially on sloping paths. The rollator's drag brake is particularly helpful when going downhill, because I can use it to reduce my walking speed and feel much safer. I can easily engage and disengage it with my foot like a gear shift. Great!"

Standard stick holder

The cane holder is also included as standard. It has a small clamp that you attach to the height adjustment of the Saljol Carbon rollator using two screws. A small basket, in which you place your walking aid, is fixed to the lower frame with two screws. The cane holder can be mounted on both sides of the rollator if you need two walking aids.

And don't worry: when folded, the basket of the cane holder slides inwards all by itself. This prevents it from breaking off when loading the rollator into the car, for example.

Bag with smartphone compartment

The practical rollator bag is available in two color variants: black with a brown pocket and completely black. The carbon rollator in the matt black version is always supplied with a black bag, all other rollator colors include the black bag with a brown flap.

The handle bag can carry up to 5 kg. It can be removed with one hand and is easy to open and close with a magnetic fastener. The bag has a rainproof, transparent compartment on the lid. You can use this compartment for your smartphone or a name tag, for example. A ticket for the bus or train is also very well stored in this transparent compartment, as a ticket inspector can see it directly without you having to search for it in your bag. The handle bag of the Saljol Carbon rollator has a light-colored inner lining. This makes it easier to find your stowed items. Discreet reflectors also ensure better visibility in the dark. There are nets on the sides. You can carry drinks or an umbrella in these. There are also two eyelets on the bag. You can attach the LED lamp for rollators here. This allows you to add lighting to the front or footwell of your rollator.

How to find the right size for your Saljol carbon rollator

Our carbon rollators are available in two different sizes: CR54 and CR62. The numbers 54 and 62 stand for the height of the seat net. Finding the right size is very easy.

1. determine your measurements

First measure your height and your support height. Depending on how confident you feel when standing or bending, you can take the measurements yourself or ask a relative, physiotherapist, carer or medical supply store employee for help.

How tall are you (A)?

Measure your total height.

What is your support height (B)?

Measure the distance from the floor to your wrist,
upright posture, arms hanging loosely.

CR Maße

2. use the comparison table

Now compare your measurements with the following table and find the right size for you.


Body size (A) 145-170 cm 160-200 cm
Support height (B) 76-88 cm 81-103 cm
Your suitable rollator CR54 CR62


Are your measurements not exactly matched to a rollator size? Our sales and service team will be happy to advise you on 08141 317740 or send an e-mail to .

You can also download the size guide for the Carbon Rollator as a document here.

CR sitzend

The correct seat height and position

Important: Always activate the parking brakes on your rollator first if you want to sit on your rollator.

When sitting on the rollator, it is important that you can place both feet flat on the ground. Your knees are bent
. You can rest your arms relaxed on the rollator handles or armrests. A back belt, which you can purchase as an accessory, offers you increased safety.

How to adjust your rollator correctly to your height

Important: Always activate the parking brakes on your rollator before you change, adjust or (dis)assemble anything on your rollator.

The right handle height

- Stand close to your rollator. Let your arms hang loosely so that they are slightly bent. Both feet should be firmly on the ground.
- The push handles are perfectly adjusted when they are level with your wrists.

To adjust the handle height of the Carbon rollator

Open the hand screws next to the seat net. You will find a height scale on the inside of the support bars. This ensures that both handles are at the same height. Then tighten both screws again hand-tight.

CR Handgelenk

Differences between a standard rollator, a lightweight rollator and a carbon rollator

A standard steel rollator usually weighs between 9 and 11 kg. Higher-quality lightweight rollators are significantly lighter. Due to its ultra-light material, the carbon rollator is a special feature in the lightweight rollator category. Further differences between the rollator types can be found in the following table.

  Saljol Carbon Rollator Lightweight rollator Standard rollator
Rollator weight Ultralight: 5.6 kg Light: 6-9 kg Heavy: 9-11 kg
Folding Lengthwise folding Lengthwise folding Cross fold
Width folded 22 cm 23 cm 58 cm
Width open 62 cm 63 cm 58 cm
Seat width 45-46 cm 45 cm 38 cm
Max. user weight 150 kg 150 kg 130 kg
Grinding brake for safe downhill driving Available Can be retrofitted Not available
Bag / basket Opaque, lockable, water-repellent bag Net / pocket, usually open at the top and visible Basket, open and visible
Bag protected against theft

Bag is lockable and removable. You can take the bag with you.

Partially mesh, bag is removable, but often not lockable

Basket is open and only partially removable

Max. Max. load bag/basket 5 kg 5 kg 5 kg
Warranty period up to 4 years 2 years 2 years
Workmanship Very high quality High quality Good
Coverage / subsidy from health insurance Subsidy from health insurance possible Subsidy from health insurance possible Costs covered, plus deductible
Rollator is delivered assembled Partially Partially
Clamping hazards Little Depending on model High
Operation Simple, self-explanatory Model-dependent Complex
Loading, transportation Very light, weight correctly balanced, secured against opening, transport handle available Dependent on model Difficult, folds open, weight unevenly distributed
Standing Stands on its own Stands on its own Does not stand on its own
Wheels Large tyres with tread,
Small tyres,
rarely with tread
Small tyres
without tread
Riding over uneven paths Very easy Easy Very bad
Driving over flat paths (tiles, carpet) Does not slide any further Slides on easily Slides a lot
Driving noise None Depending on model Mechanical rattling
Push handles Made of cork TPE
Ergonomic, heat-reflecting, non-slip and shock-absorbing, very pleasant to the touch
Plastic, ergonomic Plastic, ergonomic
Adjusting the push handles Very easy: adjusting screw with marking Light: adjusting screw usually without markings Medium: Clamping lever without markings and notches, can twist
Maneuverability Very easy Light Heavy
Tipping aid
Driving over kerbs Very easy Easy Heavy
Walking stick holder pre-assembled
Actuating the brake Very simple Simple Simple
Accessories Extensive extensive few
Special features
  • Lots of reflectors: safety in the dark thanks to better visibility
  • The bag has two hooks in which you can hang lamps for even better visibility
  • High-quality design: Reminiscent of the style of the 50s
  • Reflectors for better visibility
  • Few reflectors

Rollator tyres

Standard rollators have solid rubber tyres. When walking on the rollator, they transfer the bumps directly to the hands and arms. This can quickly lead to sore muscles in the arms and shoulder pain .

Carbon rollators, on the other hand, have very soft solid rubber tyres. Here, the bumps are cushioned and not transferred directly to the hands. This reduces sore muscles in the upper extremities. In addition, special push handles prevent the transfer and thus provide additional protection.

This makes using the rollator more enjoyable, whether on level or uneven ground.

Folding rollators: transverse and longitudinal folding

For many people, it is important in everyday life that a rollator can be folded for transportation. Cash register models have a transverse fold. Despite being folded, the rollator still takes up a lot of space.

The Carbon rollator, on the other hand, has a longitudinal fold. When folded, the rollator is only 22 cm narrow. The folded rollator can even be stored in the footwell behind the driver/passenger seat. And luggage for the journey can be stowed in the trunk without any problems. The carbon rollator is therefore space-saving for transportation.

The weight

The frame of cashier models is made of steel. As a result, these rollators can quickly weigh around 10 kg.

The carbon rollator, on the other hand, weighs only 5.6 kg because, as the name suggests, it is made of the lightweight material carbon. Carbon consists of carbon fibers and is half as heavy as aluminium and harder than steel.

The light weight of the carbon rollator is important for many people who suffer from muscle weakness. Transportation, driving over kerbs or even carrying up stairs is much easier to manage with the low weight.

Tipping aid

The Carbon rollator has a tilting aid. This helps when negotiating kerbs or small steps.

The tipping aid is located on the rear wheels of the rollator. Simply step lightly on it with your foot to raise the front wheels of the Carbon rollator and it can be pushed over the obstacle.

Standard rollators rarely have a tipping aid. They have to be lifted onto the kerb. This requires a lot of muscle power. However, this is needed much more urgently for other activities. For example, the energy saved can be used for an extra walk or simply make the user feel fitter or less exhausted after a walk.

Image gallery Carbon Rollator

You want a rollator with style

Style is not the end of a broom for you? Are you looking for a rollator that offers you safety and at the same time suits you? Cash register models are often very plain, clunky, rattling and far from unique in design.

With its slightly curved frame and elegance, the Saljol Carbon rollator is reminiscent of a design from the 1950s. We want you to enjoy using the rollator. We don't want you to have to overcome any inhibitions to get out on the road with a rollator. We want you to feel comfortable with a rollator. Whether you're going for a walk, shopping or traveling.

Let our carbon rollator help you to enjoy going outside, to enjoy movement and to have fun again.

You suffer from muscle weakness/age-related weakness (myasthenia)

From a certain age, age-related weakness is a natural development process of our body. As a result of this ageing process, we suffer memory and functional disorders. The resulting consequences are muscle breakdown and muscle weakness. The muscles become weaker and performance is greatly reduced. Normal movement sequences can no longer be performed.

It is almost impossible for people with muscle weakness to lift a rollator weighing almost 10 kg over a kerb. And transporting it over a landing is almost unthinkable. As a result, many people lose the joy of walking with a rollator. You feel even more immobile when maneuvering a heavy walking aid. This is where the Carbon rollator, with its 5.6 kg, is a real lightweight. Lifting it, for example over a landing, can be done with one hand. And overcoming kerbs is also much easier thanks to the tilting aid. The rollator does not need to be lifted. It can be tilted backwards with a small step on the lever and pushed onto the kerb. For people with muscle weakness, manoeuvring a lightweight walking aid is easier and more comfortable.

You often load your rollator in the trunk of your car

The Carbon rollator can be stowed in the trunk to save space thanks to its convenient folding function. Even when folded, its weight is evenly distributed. This is easy on the back when lifting and loading. The quiver of the cane holder retracts automatically when folded. This prevents it from breaking off during loading or transportation.

You frequently use public transport

Do you frequently use public transportation? The Carbon rollator has a clear advantage over other rollators, especially when getting on the bus. It can be easily lifted onto the bus , making it easier for you to get on. Caution: Please do not sit on the rollator while on the bus. Park the rollator with the parking brakes applied in a place on the bus where it is not in the way. Sit on a nearby seat on the bus.

You have shoulder pain on the standard rollator

Do you already have a standard rollator and don't like using it because you get pain in your shoulders or sore muscles in your arms? Standard rollators have solid rubber tires. However, these tires do not absorb shocks and are transferred directly to your arms and shoulders. This often leads to tension and sore muscles in the neck and back.

You can prevent this pain with a carbon rollator. The very soft solid rubber tires and the cork TPE handles absorb shocks and bumps. This means that these are not transferred directly to the upper extremities. There is little or no tension in the neck and back.

You have one-sided paralysis of the arms

Thanks to its low weight, the Carbon rollator can be folded, pushed, transported and braked with one hand.

If you have a paralyzed hand due to a stroke (apoplexy) or other illness, you can still walk safely with the Saljol Carbon rollator. The walking aid is maneuverable and smooth-running. This means that even one hand has enough strength to walk on the rollator.

The rollator can also be folded up with just one hand. It can be folded easily with just one hand by pulling the release strap on the seat.

Youtube Vorschau FtdzpyjBOSU

The low weight means you can transport the rollator with one hand. Even when folded, the weight is balanced so that you can even load it into the car with one hand.

Is the Carbon rollator the right rollator for me?

We want you to feel safe and comfortable with your rollator. That's why it's important that the rollator suits you and your lifestyle. If you are not sure whether the Carbon rollator is really the right one for you, please contact our rollator advisor. We will ask you specific questions and recommend the rollator that best suits your lifestyle.

Answer the questions from our rollator advisor now for free!

Carbon rollator videos

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