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Peter and Edith from Munich were allowed to test the Carbon Rollator 


Test Carbon Rollator - motivator Peter Spendler

"I stumble frequently due to weakness of foot dorsiflexion and am quite unsafe, especially on sloping paths. Especially when walking downhill, the grinding brake of the walker is very helpful because it allows me to reduce my walking speed and makes me feel much safer. Like a gear shift, I can easily shift it on and off with my foot. Great!"

Carbon Rollator Test - gearshift

Carbon Rollator Test - cork handles

 "I'm 6'2". I particularly like the fact that I can adjust the handles to the right height for me and thus always walk upright correctly and safely. The cork feels wonderful and I don't get sweaty hands anymore."

 "The advantage is of course that the walker is extremely light, so even I can carry it and did not have to concentrate on my husband. It is very handy and you can carry it without folding it up. 5.8 kg is also manageable for me, as it weighs much less than a box of soda.

Carbon Rollator Test - carry the rollator

Carbon Rollator Test - walk

"We go on many trips together, often with our grandchildren. The wheelchair is used for longer trips. My grandchildren often travel in the wheelchair. That's how I met Saljol, through the great armrest covers Extra."

 "Cobblestones"? I simply have to concentrate because any unevenness in the ground, such as cobblestones, naturally carries a certain risk. Because everything is shaky. BUT IT DOES! Thanks to the soft wheels that provide optimum grip and lateral support. A straight road is of course easier, but anyone can do it."

  "The Saljol rollator is easy to fold up and can also be carried well with one hand. Even fits behind the back seat."

"Edith and I go on many trips. When we went to the Starnberger See or to Tutzing, Edith would say: Peter, look how beautiful the mountains are! Then I said: Beautiful! I just don't see them. I always had to sit with my wheelchair in the trunk. That was the motivation for me! I want to get out of the trunk! So I practiced that with the therapists. And I haven't been sitting in the back since."

Carbon Rollator Test - rollator at the lake

"I just have to keep thinking: Am I safe? Where is the next stop? Because if I can hold on, I've already won. Top, if you can rely on the stability of your rollator. That's half the battle."

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