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Rollz Motion Electric

The Rollz Motion Electric is a rollator and power wheelchair in one. The user can steer it himself with a joystick or it can be pushed as a wheelchair.

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  • Power assistance facilitates use as a transport wheelchair
  • Joystick control for independent driving in the power wheelchair
  • Battery with 15 km range
  • Easily foldable for compact transport
  • Low-vibration pneumatic tyres

Electric wheelchair for more independence

A versatile 3-in-1 rollator, transport wheelchair and power wheelchair that allows users to stay active and be supported in various stages of declining mobility.

The Rollz Motion Electric combines the features of three products to help people with mobility limitations remain as independent as possible. The rollator option provides stable support while walking, allowing users to make the most of their mobility. When walking becomes difficult, the user can attach the wheelchair package and rest or continue moving in a safe seated position. The electric system expands functionality by turning the wheelchair into a motorized wheelchair that allows the user to move independently at all times.

This innovative design offers the advantage of a durable and practical solution for various mobility needs, ranging from light assistance to full use of a wheelchair.

Customizable to provide lifelong support

The Rollz Motion Electric allows people, regardless of their mobility level, to continue participating in social activities, shopping and exploring new places. The Rollator Electric Wheelchair offers the best combination of both worlds when you want to feel fit to go for a walk or relax in your seat while you ride. The ease of conversion, requiring little or no effort, means you can quickly and easily adapt it to your needs and save energy for the things you really want to do.

Take control of your mobility!

The Rollz Motion Electric has the ergonomic features of the Rollz Motion plus an electric system that provides push assistance and allows self-propelled movement. With the Rollz Motion Electric, you can easily switch back and forth between the three mobility aids: rollator, transport wheelchair and power wheelchair. So you can count on the Rollz Motion Electric to take you where you want to go, with or without an escort.

Joystick control for independent driving

The Rollz Motion Electric is equipped with a joystick control that allows independent use of the wheelchair. Pressing the On/Off button activates the joystick and allows the user to control the movement and speed of the assistive device. The +/- buttons can be used to change gears and the horn button can be used to alert others of your approach or presence. However, it is important to note that the joystick is the "steering wheel" of the power wheelchair. Therefore, it is recommended to practice with it in an open and safe space before venturing outside. This will ensure that users are familiar with the handling and sensitivity of the joystick before using it outdoors. With proper practice and handling, the Rollz Motion Electric will provide the user with an enjoyable experience.

Push assist - the automated power assist

The Rollz Motion Electric also features automated push assistance, which provides electric power assistance to make it easier to push up ramps, inclines and hills. This is especially beneficial for the attendant as it reduces the physical effort required to push the wheelchair.

The control is equipped with a speed indicator, a gear shift button and a directional button to improve maneuverability. This feature allows for more comfortable and efficient use of the Rollz Motion Electric and makes it easier to navigate varying terrain and inclines. .

Same top quality, more control

The Rollz Motion Electric is an improved electric version of the Rollz Motion with the same features of maneuverability, robustness and ergonomic design, as well as the folding mechanism that allows compact transport. It can be converted from a rollator to an electric wheelchair with ease to suit the user's needs. This makes it an energy-efficient alternative for those who want to maintain their mobility. It reaches a top speed of 6 km/h and can travel up to 15 km on a fully charged battery. So you can travel safely at your own pace and enjoy your independence. So if you're ready to take control of your mobility, the Rollz Motion Electric is the perfect choice.

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