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Fall risk increases with age

As you get older, processes begin in the body that can increase the risk of falling:

  • Impaired vision
  • Reduced mobility: mobility and coordination decrease
  • Medication
  • Dizziness
  • Bladder weakness (especially at night)
  • Lack of fluids
  • Osteoporosis

The older you are, the more dangerous falls can become. This is because the risk of a femoral neck fracture1 increases with age. By the way, even just being afraid of falling can be dangerous, because if you are unsteady, it affects your musculoskeletal system.

If a fall results in a fracture of the neck of the femur, only about 40-60% of those affected become fully mobile again afterwards.

In addition to regular, focused exercise to keep your muscles strong, there's something else you can do: wear hip protectors:

Hip protectors can reduce the risk of a dangerous fracture by absorbing the forces acting on them as much as possible.

Youtube Vorschau 424Mt5s0Nrw

What are hip protectors?

Hip protectors are worn, for example, as briefs under everyday clothing. So-called protectors are attached in the hip area. These pads are made of soft foam and can absorb the impact on the hip in the event of a fall. This can reduce the risk of a broken bone.

Features of the Suprima hip protector set

Suprima hip protector set consists of a brief as well as a pair of protectors. On the sides of the briefs there are pockets where the protectors exactly find their place. You can wear the set inconspicuously under your everyday clothes.

Suprima Slip + Protektoren

Visco-elastic soft foam

The protectors are made of visco-elastic soft foam. This material is capable of cushioning blows. In fact, they do so far beyond the norm. After a blow or impact, the material can quickly return to its original state. This means that even in the event of several blows or impacts, the material reliably unfolds its impact absorption. An intelligent damping system also allows the material to respond to different types of loads.


High wearing comfort due to flat and ergonomic pads.

The protectors are particularly flat. This keeps the wearing of a hip protector briefs visually inconspicuous and discreet. You wear your everyday clothes over the hip protector briefs without the fabric stretching. This means that you are not restricted in your mobility. In addition, there are no pressure or chafing points.

Can be worn day and night

The hip protector briefs are seamless circular knit (like tights). This means that no pressure points can occur due to seams. Due to the flat protectors, the set can also be worn at night without any problems, e.g. when going to the toilet at night.

Find the right size for the hip protector briefs.

You can determine the right size by using the following measurement table. The suprima sizes (36, 38, 40 etc.) correspond to the German clothing size. Also, measure your hip circumference at the widest part of the hip and determine the appropriate size using the table. In the end you should have found the appropriate size S, M, L, XL, XXL or XXXL.

Größentabelle Suprima Hüftschutz-Protektoren

Warning: Hip protectors cannot prevent fall injuries in every case. Any liability is therefore excluded.


1 Gierer P, Mittlmeier T. Femoral neck fracture. Unfallchirurg. 2015 Mar;118(3):259-69; quiz 270. English. doi: 10.1007/s00113-014-2729-6. PMID: 25716284.


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