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Designer bag for the rollator by JOST

Modern designer bag for your rollator, stable and water-repellent. You can also use the bag as a handbag or shoulder bag.

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Please note that the designer bag from JOST fits the Saljol Carbon Rollator in sizes 54 and 62 and the Allround Rollator in size 62.

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The family business JOST

We got to know Mr. Jost at a trade fair. After an invitation to Mr. Jost's friendly family business, it quickly became clear that we wanted to work together on a rollator bag. Together we designed a modern, individually usable bag for your rollator. The German company JOST creates timeless bags and leather goods for people who are looking for modern, selected and high-quality designs. The company has already won design awards for the design, attractiveness and functionality of their products. The bags are mostly produced in Europe from European leather and fabric. Partly even by hand. Especially in German-speaking countries, the sophisticated design and the outstanding quality of JOST bags is represented in the trade, as well as in large international department stores.

Youtube Vorschau GrLRIfaumnI

The modern bag for your rollator

The ideal bag for your rollator is stable, modern and can be used individually. Even the empty bag does not collapse due to its stability. It keeps your shape and makes the transport of a purchase safe. To fold the rollator, you must first remove the sturdy bag.
Please note that the designer bag from JOST fits the Saljol Carbon rollator in sizes 54 and 62 and the Allround rollator in size 62.

Designertasche für den Rollator von JOST: Aufhängung

Suspension of the rollator bag

You can hang the bag on our Carbon oder Aluminium Rollator. It can be hung and removed quickly and easily. With the help of the Velcro fasteners on the bag handles and the hooks on the side of the bag, simply hang it on the two bars. Your bag will hang securely from your rollator. You already have a rollator from another manufacturer? But would you still like to use our modern bag from JOST on your rollator? No problem. Your rollator only needs two rods on which you can currently hang the original bag. You can then use the bag on your rollator, e.g. Rehasense. If you are unsure, please contact us. We will be happy to help you.

The bag lid

The water-repellent bag lid

The lid of the bag reaches completely over the edge of the bag. This is especially good if you get caught in a short rain shower. Thanks to the overlapping lid, hardly any water enters the bag over it. Basically, the outer fabrics and faux leather are water repellent and easy to clean. The lid is pulled onto the bag with the help of a magnet. Thus, the bag is firmly closed.

Opening the JOST rollator bag

With most rollator bags, you have to fold the lid away to the rear. This causes the lid to move towards you. To get a good look inside the bag, you have to walk around your rollator once. But not with our JOST rollator bag. For an easy view into the bag, you have to fold the lid away to the front. So the lid moves away from you while you are standing in your rollator. Now you can take a look inside your bag. And still stand safely in your rollator.

The transparent zipper pocket on the lid

On the lid of the bag you have a transparent pocket. This is closed with a zipper. Here you can store, for example, your bus ticket or your smartphone. So you can get on the bus without having to look for a ticket. Or you can let your smartphone safely navigate you to a new, unfamiliar place. Your smartphone is protected from rain in the transparent pocket. In addition, you always have it in view for every call.

Designertasche für den Rollator von JOST. Wasserabweisend

Designertasche für den Rollator von JOST - Öffnen der Tasche

The bag seen from the outside

The bag is available in black and light brown with leopard print.

Designertasche für den Rollator von JOST: Leopard und schwarz

Side pockets with zipper

You will find two side pockets in the front and back. These are closed with a zipper. The zipper is placed in such a way that no water can get in during a short rain shower. The tabs on all the zippers are long and large. You can easily and quickly feel and open the zippers. Without having to search for a small zipper. In the rear zipper pocket you can store your wallet, for example. You always stand right in front of it on the rollator. So you have your wallet quickly at hand. However, this makes it difficult for small thieves.

Hangers for the LED lamp

The bag has small fabric flaps at the front and back. These are the hangers for the LED lamp . The lamp not only ensures better visibility in traffic. In addition, you can walk much safer. No matter what weather you have to go out the door. By illuminating the path, you can see exactly what surprises are lurking ahead of you on the path. Whether it's a small pothole, a rain puddle, or an unpleasant dog's mess. The LED lamp can help you avoid a fall. Because you can see dangers in time.

Designertasche für den Rollator von JOST - Nutzung als Umhängetasche

Use as a hand or shoulder bag

You can not only hang the bag on your rollator. No, you can even use the bag as a normal handbag/shoulder bag.

If you would like to use the bag as a handbag, take it off your rollator. Now you only have to pull the bag handles apart at the Velcro fastener. You already have two bag handles. The synthetic leather makes them comfortable to hold without cutting into your hand.

For use as a shoulder bag we have included a shoulder strap. On the sides of the bag you will find two small D-rings. Here you simply click the snap hooks of the shoulder strap. You can put the bag on your shoulder and take it with you everywhere. No one will notice at first glance that you can also hang this bag on your walker.

The bag seen from the inside

The bag has a bright, silver-grey lining. This allows you to quickly find what you are looking for.

Designertasche für den Rollator von JOST - Innenraum

Inside pockets

Inside the bag you have two zipper pockets in the front and in the back. On the front inside two additional pockets are sewn on. Here you can put in handkerchiefs or reading glasses for example. The bag has stretchy mesh pockets on the right and left. These are ideal for carrying a water bottle. Two bottles of milk from shopping also find a safe place here. The stretchable nets make it difficult for the bottles to tip over.


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