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Comfort back belt

Sit safely and comfortably on your rollator when travelling thanks to the removable comfort back belt! Fits all Saljol Allround and Carbon Rollators from version 2024 onwards (see table below for more details)

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Product details
EUR 489,00
Product details
EUR 689,00

Does the comfort back belt fit your Allround or Carbon Rollator?

First check the article number [REF] of your rollator on the product label on the rollator itself. The label is affixed to the inside of the left-hand frame section of your rollator. Now compare this number with the article numbers shown in the list. Is your rollator included? Then the back belt is suitable for your rollator.


Item number Product description Item number Product description
4058789015162 Allround Rollator AR62 Pearl Grey 4058789015209 Carbon Rollator CR62 British Racing Green
4058789015186 Allround Rollator AR62 Magic Black 4058789015223 Carbon Rollator CR62 Midnight Blue
4058789014752 Allround Rollator AR62 Forest Green 4058789015247 Carbon Rollator CR62 Matt Black
4058789015414 Allround Rollator AR62 Barolo Red 4058789014714 Carbon Rollator CR62 Copper Red
4058789015179 Allround Rollator AR54 Pearl Grey 4058789014738 Carbon Rollator CR62 Pure Gold
4058789015193 Allround Rollator AR54 Magic Black 4058789015216 Carbon Rollator CR54 British Racing Green
4058789014769 Allround Rollator AR54 Forest Green 4058789015230 Carbon Rollator CR54 Midnight Blue
4058789015421 Allround Rollator AR54 Barolo Red 4058789015254 Carbon Rollator CR54 Matt Black
    4058789014721 Carbon Rollator CR54 Copper Red
    4058789014745 Carbon Rollator CR54 Pure Gold





Alternatively, you can also see from your rollator itself whether the comfort back belt is suitable for your walking aid. Does the fastening rail on the front of the handle have a notch as shown in the picture? Then the back belt will fit your rollator.


Are you still not sure whether the back belt can be fitted to your rollator? Our sales and service team will be happy to advise you on 08141 317740 or send an e-mail to

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Sit down and rest comfortably on the move - the comfort back belt for the Saljol Carbon and Allround Rollators makes it possible



No matter what time of year, a walk in the fresh air mobilizes the body and clears the mind. So it's all the more important to take a little break along the way. To recharge your batteries or simply enjoy the view. No bench nearby? No problem! Because with the comfortable back belt from Saljol you sit comfortably and above all safely on your rollator. It gives you the support you need to sit upright and not tip backwards.


The practical comfort back belt not only offers you a high level of comfort, it also has features that make it unique on the market.

The leaning surface is particularly large and wide, making sitting much more comfortable.

If the belt is too high up on your back, you can turn it 180 degrees in just a few easy steps with a screwdriver, so that the leaning surface now provides better support for the lumbar area.


An extra-large recess on the leaning surface of the comfort back belt ensures that you have an unrestricted view of the ground in front of you when pushing the rollator. This "viewing window" gives you more safety when walking, because you can better see if there are any obstacles or bumps in the path.


In addition, the belt is size adjustable and therefore suitable for stronger people.

A reflective strip that runs across the entire belt provides more visibility and thus safety when it gets dark.

The optimized belt holder makes it easy to attach. Simply insert it into the rails on the handles on both sides and you're ready to go. With only two handles you can remove the belt if necessary and store it in the rollator bag.

Please always ensure that you activate the parking brake of the rollator by pressing the brake lever down before sitting down. Only then can you sit down safely on your rollator, lean back comfortably and take a breather.


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