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FAQs about the indoor rollator:

Table of contents

How many years of warranty do I get on the indoor rollator?

Saljol guarantees, in addition to the legal warranty, a 2-year guaranty on production or material defects. Furthermore, you have the possibility to extend the Saljol guaranty from 2 years to 4 years.

Where can I find the extended guaranty?

You can extend the Saljol guaranty, on production or material defects, from 2 years to 4 years. Just register on our guaranty extension website with your name and the serial number of the walker. You will find the serial number on the frame of your walker, see the picture on the extended guaranty.

Why is the Saljol Indoor Rollator not foldable?

The Saljol living room rollator is specially designed to prevent falls. As a rule, the rollator is only used by one person and is rarely taken along on journeys, e.g. in a car. A folding mechanism always affects stability.

With this design we can even allow the otherwise undesirable "tripping" on the rollator. With the Saljol living room rollator you can even move in a sitting position, with careful pushing off the floor.

Can the frame of the living area rollator warp or wobble?

Due to the rigid, steel multifunctional frame, the Saljol Indoor Rollator is safe, stable and torsion-resistant in every respect. The German senior champion 2017 in gymnastics Frank Grob has tested our living room rollator for stability with gymnastic exercises.

Youtube Vorschau Ujv_Lmd-DFs

Can I really drive the Indoor Rollator through a doorway if it is only 53 cm wide?

Yes, you can. The Indoor Rollator is so stable that you can drive it from any side. This means that if the doorway is narrower than 56 cm, you can simply drive the rollator crossways. This means that the living room rollator is only 51 cm wide, making it probably the narrowest living room rollator in the world.

How many kilograms does the Saljol Indoor Rollator support?

The Saljol living room rollator is safe and stable up to 150 kg.

Which frame size is right for me?

The Saljol living room rollator is available in 4 sizes (WRXL only on request). Which one is the right one for you, you can easily determine by your height:

size WR52: handle height 80 cm, recommended body height 1,45 m - 1,65 m

size WR55: handle height 86 cm, recommended body height 1,50 m - 1,80 m

Size WR58, 92 cm: recommended body height 1,70 m - 2,00 m

Size WRXL, 95 cm: recommended body height 1,70 m - 2,10 m from hip width 45 cm

Ideally you should test the right size in a medical supply store.

How can I walk safely on the indoor rollator with the tray in place?

Place the tray securely on the upper tubular structure. Now you can support yourself on the edge of the tray, or on a combination of tray and handle, and thus move the rollator. Many users can still use the handbrake while using this option.

If you still feel unsafe, you can also attach the tray to the lower crossbar of the rollator. And you will have the upper frame free for your hands again and can still transport your plate safely to the table.

Can I sit on the Indoor Rollator?

The Saljol living room rollator invites you to do just that. It is the only rollator with which you can even move around in a seated position without falling. To do this, place the real wood seat board supplied on the lower crossbar of your rollator. Then just lock the parking brake. You can now sit on the seat board.

To move in a sitting position, release the parking brake again and carefully push yourself off the floor. You can now "tripple" through your home on the rollator.

For more freedom of movement when walking in the living room rollator, fold the seat board forward or simply remove it.

Youtube Vorschau hQOra1znzgE

Can I also use the living room rollator outside?

The wheels of the rollator are suitable for smooth surfaces and terraces. Overcoming higher barriers, such as curbs, or using it on sandy, bumpy ground is not ideal and unsafe.

Can I also use the indoor rollator in the shower?

The Saljol living room rollator was created for the living room. It is ideal for taking the safe way to the shower even in narrow bathrooms.

If you use the rollator in wet areas, dry all liquids as soon as possible after use.

Can I use the rollator as a toilet support frame?

Anytime and ideally, it can be used both forwards and backwards when passing over the toilet. It offers safety on the way to the toilet and serves as a support when sitting down and getting up.

Can I operate the parking brake when I only have one moving hand?

The Saljol Indoor Rollator has a brake bar for locking the parking brake with one hand. 

Is it possible that only the front wheels of the Indoor Rollator can be steered?

The Saljol Indoor Rollator has a directional locking device. This can be switched on by means of the foot pedal. Thus you can fix the rear wheels so far that they only roll straight. This feeling of safety you probably know from your normal rollator.

Can I adjust the brake myself?

Yes, you can readjust the brakes yourself. Please refer to the instructions in the manual under point 5.5.4. Indoor Rollator with handbrake. If you are unsure, please contact your dealer or our customer service directly.

E-mail: or telephone number: +49 (0) 8141 317740

What accessories are available?

There is a wide range of accessories available for the Saljol Indoor Rollator. So you can use the rollator as a triple chair, serving trolley, nightstand, laundry trolley and much more. Ask your local medical supply dealer or have a look at the accessories on our website Indoor Rollator.

Is the Indoor Rollator Page covered by health insurance or can I apply for a subsidy for it?

The Indoor Rollator has no aid number and is therefore not part of the contract with the health insurance companies. It can be purchased freely, i.e. without a prescription from a doctor. Whether your health or care insurance company co-finances part of the rollator is always decided by the insurance companies on a case-by-case basis. In cooperation with your medical supply company, you can ask your health or nursing care insurance company for a subsidy. For more detailed information, please refer to our article: "How much is an aid worth to you".