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The indoor rollator Page as toilet support frame and help in the bathroom

Do you have difficulty standing long enough to wash at the sink? Or do you have difficulty getting up from the toilet?

The Page indoor rollator is a real all-rounder for an independent everyday life. It not only supports you in the household, but also offers optimal support in the bathroom. Due to its special design, the indoor rollator is stable and tilt resistant. You can lean on it from all sides, because it can carry up to 150kg. The ideal fall prophylaxis for your home.

Read here how the indoor rollator supports Page in the household!

Youtube Vorschau YlKqEApkSDk

Schmaler Wohnraumrollator

indoor rollator for narrow rooms

The page is very narrow and can be pushed sideways through narrow corridors or doors. The normal width is 60cm. However, due to its stability it can also be driven crossways and is therefore only 51 cm narrow.

The manoeuvrability is another special feature of the indoor rollator. It turns on the spot thanks to the 360 degree rotating wheels, with a turning circle of only 66cm. This makes it easy to use even in very narrow and small bathrooms / guest toilets.

The indoor rollator as toilet support frame

For many people, going to the toilet in old age or after an injury to the spine or legs becomes a real feat of strength. Slowly going to the toilet is hardly possible without support. This is how people drop themselves on the toilet. The risk of falling is not to be sneezed at, however. If the strength in the leg muscles is missing, getting up without support is only possible with a lot of effort. This problem can be solved by rebuilding the toilet or by using handles on the walls. We offer another possibility with our Page indoor rollator, as it is stable and cannot tip over and can be used as a grab handle.

Wohnraumrollator Page Toilette

The walk to the toilet with the indoor rollator

The indoor rollator can simply be pushed over the toilet for standing upright use. In this way you can continue to stand safely in the rollator when your strength decreases or in the event of sudden dizziness. The Page indoor rollator also serves as a support and handle for walking to the toilet in a sitting position. Simply drive to the toilet as usual and park the rollator with the parking brake in front of you. Now you can lean on the stable indoor rollator when sitting down. To stand up, simply hold on to the front bracket of the rollator and pull it carefully upwards.

Page indoor rollator at the wash basin

Wohnraumrollator Hände waschen

Washing hands with the rollator

In case of sudden dizziness or low muscle strength, even washing your hands can become a challenge. Washing at the sink, which requires a longer period of standing freely, is hardly manageable for many people. Here too, the Page living room rollator with its seat board offers safe support.

For washing your hands, the seat board is folded away to the front. This makes it possible to stand in the rollator. The living room rollator can now be moved in front of the wash basin. The rollator thus also serves as a handrail when washing your hands. The risk of falling in case of weakness or dizziness is reduced.

Quote from our encourager Claudius:

"The Page indoor rollator is a mobile, versatile seating unit. And it makes my life easier. Because I can brake and fix it at any time, I can also use it as a mobile handrail. If I have to move around in the apartment and hold on for a short time because I lose my balance or am out of breath, I can simply support myself quickly on the Page."

Mutmacher Claudius Wohnraumrollator Page

Wohnraumrollator Page Waschbecken

For washing cats at the sink, the seat board is folded down again. The rollator is pushed to the sink with the seat first. Always make sure that you lock the parking brake before sitting down. In this way, washing, brushing teeth, shaving or applying make-up can be done comfortably while sitting at the sink. For even more comfort when sitting on the rollator, a back roll can be attached to the support bar on the back.


Showering with the Spa shower stool

If showering is preferred and can be physically managed, then the Spa Shower Stool offers the optimal support. You can sit directly from the Page living room rollator on the shower stool, in the shower. The shower stool can be turned on the spot. This makes it possible to turn it independently towards the shower fitting. Since showering can be done while sitting down, you can save your energy for other things that are important to you.

Wohnraumrollator Page Dusche

Wohnraumrollator Page Trippeln

Moving with the rollator in the bathroom

Due to the stable frame of the Page indoor rollator it is possible to move around in a sitting position. With the Saljol living room rollator, the "tripping" undesirable with other rollators is expressly permitted. When sitting down, carefully push your feet off the floor. You can now also move independently from the cabinet to the sink and toilet while sitting in the bathroom.

Quote from our encourager Claudius:

"I had long considered purchasing a three-legged stool. But what is much better about the bellhop is the mobility. I can push it right where I am, where I work."

Mutmacher Claudius Page

The practical everyday help for your home

The Page indoor rollator is available in three different sizes. Without a height adjustment, the highest stability is guaranteed. You can choose between two versions: with foot brake or with additional hand brake, each in the colours anthracite or ivory white.


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The indoor rollator Page in the household

With the indoor rollator Page we offer you a real all-rounder. It can support you not only in the bathroom or as a toilet support frame. With the Indoor Rollator also the completion of the daily tasks in the household becomes easier and safer.

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