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Shower Stool Spa Anthrazit powdered - zoom: cut out
Shower Stool Spa Anthrazit powdered - zoom: cut out Shower Stool Spa Anthrazit powdered - cut out Shower Stool Spa Anthrazit powdered - cut out Shower Stool Spa Anthrazit powdered - cut out Shower Stool Spa Anthrazit powdered - cut out Shower Stool Spa Anthrazit powdered - detail: hygiene recess Shower Stool Spa Anthrazit powdered - in shower with Claudia Shower Stool Spa Anthrazit powdered - in shower tub Shower Stool Spa Anthrazit powdered - side view - cut out

Spa Shower powdered

The Spa Shower stool turns on the spot. The carer is prevented from getting wet and the person cared for is clean all over. With hygienic recess.

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S for body height 1,35 - 1,50m
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L for body height 1,70 - 2,00m
All sizes up to 150kg load capacity

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  • Safe showering while sitting minimizes the risk of falling
  • Attachable backrest
  • Independent washing, thanks to adjustable hygiene cut-out
  • Wheels with non-slip rubber, only turn on the spot
  • Warm and non-slip seat

Technical Details

  S M L

Hygiene opening variable: 

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3


48 mm

78 mm

108 mm



58 mm

88 mm

118 mm 




68 mm

98 mm

128 mm


Total Width max. Grip to Grip 502 mm 512 mm 522 mm
Seat height 460 mm 500 mm 540 mm
Height inclusive Backrest 768 mm 808 mm 848 mm
Wheel distance 301 mm 311 mm 321 mm
Turning radius - Required space 470 mm 480 mm 490 mm
Resilience max.  150 kg 150 kg 150 kg



For more comfort, there is a practical backrest for the Spa shower stool. For more information on the backrest, click here.

Shower stool under 1 minute explained!

Youtube Vorschau qZtC4FztmVE


More Wellness in everyday care.

The Spa shower seat is extremely stable and turns safely on the spot. Sit down safely without slipping away, grab stable handles and turn or rotate on the spot in the shower. Washing and body care are fun again. Design from Germany, produced in Europe for more cleanliness with all round maximum safety. Far more than the general standard - real product quality and therefore better quality of life. The caregiver no longer gets wet and the patient is completely clean. All over, even between the legs, thanks to a continuous, adjustable hygiene recess. 

Saftey and Quality.

  • Turns on 4 non-slip TPE wheels on the spot without slipping away!
  • The Spa shower stool is extremely stable and can withstand loads of up to 150 kg, without wobbling.
  • Two handles left and right of the seat provide additional safety.
  • The heat-reflecting seats made of EPP can be adjusted in 6 levels to obtain the adequate seat width.
  • The optional backrest supports the lumbar area and offers more support. The height can be adjusted in 3 levels without tools.
  • Turns safely on the spot

Technical Details

Application Examples:

Showering while sitting and turning on the spot, instead of standing dangerously in the shower and trying to move on wet surfaces. The Spa shower stool prevents slipping and dangerous falls.

Tip: Additional handholds on the wall make it easier to sit down and get up from the spa shower seat and to turn in the shower.

A person can help another person to have a shower without getting themselves wet. When helping a person onto the spa shower stool, adjust the seats beforehand according to the seat cushions. Wash using the hand shower from the frontside, above and in the hygiene areas. Turn the person so that the water only runs into the shower area. Ideal for home care and professional carers who care for people and at the same time need to prevent getting themselves wet.

The spa is a perfect piece of bathroom furniture, e.g. in front of the sink or mirror.

All tips and tricks for easy installation and operation can be found in the operating instructions.

Cleaning and disinfection using household cleaning agents, do not use abrasive cleaners.

Compliant with Directive 93/42 EEC and tested according to ISO 17966 Body hygiene aids to assist users.

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