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FAQ's about the Saljol shower stool:

Table of contents

How many years of warranty do I get on the Spa shower stool?

You receive, for the shower stool Spa, the legal warranty of 24 months. The warranty refers to provable material or manufacturing defects.

Will the shower stool fit in my shower?

The shower stool Spa is suitable for shower trays from the dimensions 85cm x 85cm. The dimensions are based on the average standard shower tray.

Can the shower stool be adjusted in height?

The Saljol shower stool is available in three seat heights/sizes:

Size S, 46 cm: 1.35 - 1.50 m

Size M, 50 cm: 1.50 - 1.70 m

Size L, 54 cm: 1.70 - 2.00 m

This way everyone finds the right size and we avoid instability due to the adjustment mechanism.

How heavy is the shower stool?

The shower stool weighs between 3.8 kg and 5.1 kg. Depending on seat height and material.

With how many kilograms can the shower stool be loaded?

The shower stool Spa can be loaded up to 150 kg user weight.

Where is the shower stool manufactured?

The shower stool Spa is manufactured by a German automotive supplier in Europe.

Is the shower stool stainless?

The shower stool is available in both stainless steel and powder-coated, rust free versions.

Is the shower stool suitable for wet areas?

Yes, the Saljol shower stool is stainless steel and specially developed for the wet room.

You can choose between stainless steel (silver, high gloss polished) or a corrosion resistant KTL coating (anthracite, powder coated).

How can I clean and maintain the shower stool Spa?

The seats can be easily washed, removed, disinfected and cleaned at up to 85°C. Please clean the EPP seats every 2-4 months. After showering and cleaning, please make sure to rinse the shower stool thoroughly with clear water and dry it off.

You can easily remove dirt and body hair from the wheels.

For the shower stool in the stainless steel version, we recommend that you carry out regular stainless steel maintenance with the product from the company Durosol: Autosol Stainless Steel Chrome Shine / Metal Polish.

For further instructions on cleaning, please refer to the instructions in the corresponding instructions for use under point 7 Cleaning and disinfection.

Are the seats uncomfortable?

The width of the seat can be adjusted so that you can sit comfortably on the shower stool. We have put a lot of emphasis on the seat ergonomics! The EPP material reflects the body heat from the beginning and is not unpleasantly cold when sitting down.

Is it safe to sit on the shower stool?

The shower stool Spa is particularly suitable for people with normal trunk stability. Due to the adjustable seat plates and the slip-resistant EPP material, the seat cushions are well positioned and support the spine.

Do I have to assemble the shower stool on delivery?

The shower stool Spa arrives completely assembled at your home. Just unpack the Saljol shower stool from the box, slide the seats into a comfortable position and you can start right away.

If you have ordered an additional backrest, simply screw it to the underside with 4 screws.

If you are still unsure, you can also watch our video with the assembly instructions for the shower stool Spa.

Does the shower stool make scratches or marks in the shower/shower tray?

The wheels of the shower stool are secured with a special soft and non-slip rubber. This prevents damage to the shower or shower tray.

Can the shower stool really not slip away in a smooth shower?

The shower stool has anti-slip and rubberised rollers and is therefore very stable. In addition, we recommend attaching the handles to the appropriate places in the shower.

What is the safest way to sit on the shower stool?

Please use the handles previously fitted by a specialist in the shower when sitting down. In addition, use the handles on the shower stool and sit down in a controlled manner. If a third person is responsible for the care, please accept their help. With both feet on the floor you now have maximum sitting stability and can turn easily and safely.

Can I tip over backwards on the shower stool?

As with any chair or stool, there is a residual risk if used carelessly, without handles in the shower and with a lack of torso stability.

For more safety, we recommend the appropriate backrest.

Can the shower stool tip over?

We have attached great importance to a tilt resistant statics. The design in combination with the feet on the floor result in the tested stability. In addition, we recommend the installation of appropriate grab handles in the wet room.

How can I turn on the shower stool?

With the help of four specially arranged rollers, the shower stool turns only on the spot. The turning movement can be initiated and controlled by the feet, the handles, by the caregiver on the shower stool or the body of the user.

Is the shower stool Spa covered by health insurance, or can I apply for a subsidy for it?

The shower stool Spa does not have an aid number and is therefore not part of the contract with the health insurance company. Whether your health or nursing care insurance company co-finances part of the shower stool is always decided by the insurance companies on a case-by-case basis. In cooperation with your medical supply company, you can ask your health and care insurance company for a subsidy. For more detailed information, please refer to our article: "How much is an aid worth to you".