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The best carbon rollator from Saljol

Saljol is the brand for innovative premium aids that are not only useful and useful, but also look really good. In order to live up to this reputation, we constantly revise and perfect our products.

Over the last 1.5 years we have invested a lot of time and know-how to make the Carbon Rollator even safer, more stable and more stylish.

Qualitätsupdate Carbon Rollator

Table of contents

All optimizations in the video

Our pulse generator Leopold Fuchs explains the innovations of our Carbon Rollator in 60 seconds in the following video.

Youtube Vorschau QgywK6dzse8

Carbon Rollator mit besseren Reflektoren und Antirutsch

Safety through even more visibility

To be seen even better at night, in bad weather or even just in fog, we have reworked all reflectors.

We have not increased the number of reflectors, but have changed the geometry of the reflecting elements. These reflect the incident light back even better and more intensively.

With these small and unobtrusive changes, we have made a big contribution to your safety in poor visibility.

Anti-slip on the tipping aid

We have provided the tipping aid with an anti-slip coating to give them more stability and safety when getting on the bus or overcoming a kerb.

Stronger hooks, nicer bag

We have reinforced the bag hooks so that the bag hangs securely even with a high load. Now it is tight enough not to fall down by itself. But also not too tight, so that it can still be removed easily.

In addition to the bag hook, the bag holder has also been reinforced so that there is no more bending after a fall or more robust treatment.

In addition, we have made a little beauty correction: The color of the bag's leatherette is now the same shade as the cork handles. This is more harmonious and looks much better.

The inner workings of the bag remain unchanged: A light-coloured fabric is sewn here so that the bag is light inside and everything inside can be seen well.

Bessere Tasche und Haken

Stärkere Kreuzstrebe, stabiler Rollator

Stable and gentle closing mechanism

We have paid particular attention to the closing mechanism. The rollator can be opened and closed very gently and softly thanks to the more robust closing hooks and the reinforcements on the crossbrace.

In addition, the reinforcements have the effect that the Carbon Rollator has become even more stable and torsion-free. This allows a rattle-free and safe ride.

In the course of the visual appearance we gave the glossy surface a matt black finish, which makes the rollator even more stylish.

Precise height adjustment and safe handbrake

To ensure that the handles of the rollator can be adjusted to suit every user, we have revised the height adjustment. The exact locking mechanism allows for precise adjustment through clear acoustic feedback.

For reasons of age or illness, the power to activate the parking brake is often missing. We have revised the brake mechanism so that the brake holds the rollator securely and the parking brake can be engaged with considerably less effort.

Sturdy and beautiful seat net

Finally, we have redesigned the seat net both visually and in terms of workmanship so that it is more stable and looks even more beautiful.

Bessere Bremse CR

Overview of all CR optimizations

Youtube Vorschau hoEBsd8IwzI

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