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Technical data shower stool

Table of contents

Technical data

Size S M L

Hygiene opening adjustable

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

48 mm


108 mm

58 mm

88 mm

118 mm

68 mm

98 mm

128 mm

Total width max.
from handle to handle
502 mm 512 mm 522 mm
Seat height 460 mm 500 mm 540 mm
Height with backrest 768 mm 808 mm 848 mm
Wheel spacing 301 mm 311 mm 321 mm
Turning circle - space requirement 470 mm 480 mm 490 mm
Load capacity / max. user weight 150 kg 150 kg 150 kg
Weight shower stool stainless steel 3.8 kg 4 kg 4.2 kg
Weight Shower stool matt black 4.6 kg 4.8 kg 5.1 kg
Weight backrest 1.8 kg 1.8 kg 1.8 kg

KTL and powder coating

Cathodic dip painting (KTL) is an electrochemical process in which the spa is coated in a bath of aqueous dip paint under a direct voltage of 3,000 amperes and 220 to 290 volts.

In powder coating, paint powder is electrostatically charged and applied to the material with a powder gun. A prerequisite is that the material to be coated is electrically conductive, the spa is made of steel. The paint coating is then baked in the curing oven at a temperature of between 140° and 200° C. The material is thoroughly derusted, degreased, blasted etc. in advance. - For the quality of the powder coating, it is very important to reserve the surface.

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