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FAQ's about the Saljol Carbon Rollator:

Table of contents

How many years of warranty do I get on the Carbon Rollator?

Saljol guarantees, in addition to the legal warranty, a 2-year guaranty on production or material defects.

You also have the possibility to extend the Saljol guaranty from 2 years to 4 years.

Where can I find the extended warranty for the Carbon Rollator?

You can extend the Saljol warranty, on production or material defects, from 2 years to 4 years.

Simply register on our extended warranty website with your name and the serial number of your rollator. You will find the serial number on the frame of your walker, see the picture on the extended warranty page.

How heavy is the Carbon rollator?

The Saljol Carbon Rollator weighs 5.6 kg including the bag. Without the bag the rollator weighs less than 5 kg. The 5 kg correspond to approx. 5 bottles of water. This means that the Saljol Carbon Rollator is one of the lightest rollators in its class.

For comparison, standard rollators with basket weigh between 8 and 10 kg. This corresponds to approximately one box of water.

Basically, the weight of a rollator should not be too low, so the risk of falling can be kept as low as possible. The Carbon Rollator from Saljol has an ideal weight distribution, it is optimally balanced and floor-heavy.

Can I fold and unfold the Carbon Rollator?

Yes, you can fold the Saljol Carbon Rollator.

The Carbon Rollator can be folded lengthwise. This means that the sides of the rollator contract. All you have to do is pull the brown release strap on the seat net upwards with a slight jerk. The rollator folds up easily. The rollator locks itself automatically. This means it cannot jump up by itself.

To unfold, simply release the brown safety hook. The rollator automatically pops up and you can fix it under the seat net by pressing the bars. The ride can begin.

The folding makes the rollator only 22 cm narrow. This makes it easy to store and transport.

If you would like to know more about the folding of rollators, please read our article: "Folding the rollator".

Can the Carbon Rollator be transported in a small car?

Yes, the Carbon Rollator will fit in even a small car, such as a two-seater. Since it is only 22 cm wide when folded, the rollator can even be placed behind the passenger or driver's seat. This way you have the boot free for your luggage when travelling.

Due to its low weight of only 5.6 kg, you can easily load the Carbon Rollator into your car.

And even the cane holder automatically swings inwards when the rollator is folded. This prevents you from getting stuck when loading and accidentally breaking it off.

Can I carry the Carbon Rollator up the stairs?

The Saljol Carbon Rollator has an ergonomic carrying handle. Due to the carrying handle and the low weight, you can even carry the rollator up the stairs with one hand. This way you can hold on to the railing with the other hand to safely walk up the stairs.

How much weight can I carry in the bag?

In the bag you can carry up to 5 kg, that is 5 bottles of water. A small purchase for 2-3 days should be no problem.

What can I use the transparent compartment on the bag lid for?

In this compartment you can, for example, place your ticket visibly for a trip on public transport. Your smartphone will also find a place protected from the rain.

Can I take the bag off?

Yes, you can remove the bag completely. It can be removed with one hand by pulling it slightly upwards. And also the hanging up works effortlessly. You only have to make sure that the bag snaps into place correctly on the support bars.

Is the Carbon Rollator covered by my health insurance or can I apply for a subsidy?

The Carbon Rollator has the aid number item no.: and is therefore also part of the contract with the health insurance companies in Germany. 

For more detailed information, please refer to our blog article: Saljol Carbon Rollator and Allround Rollator on prescription.