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Indoor rollator true-to-life experience: Manuel struggles to get back on his feet after his accident!

Mutmacher Manuel

Manuel is going through a long rehabilitation period due to a serious accident whilst on a ski tour. The ski tourists were overwhelmed by an avalanche in February, which caused severe injuries to Manu's legs due to the mass of snow. He is now fighting his way back on his feet in the Enzensber Hospital.

In this interview Manuel shares his experience with the Indoor Rollator Page. 


Since being in rehabilitation at the Enzensberg Specialist Hospital. Has the indoor Rollator Page been a help to you? For example, how has it helped you in your daily activities here in the hospital? 

Being able to master short distances in a room, because the crutches are always a bit awkward. With the Page I can just simply sit on it, which makes it easier for me and also it looks good.

Manuel Mutmacher

Mutmacher Manu

Do you use it outside the room or mainly in the room? 

Mainly in the room. When it rolls it is really mega smooth. I can also use it in the dining room or through the hospital where there are no barriers.

Would it be more difficult for you to move around in your room without the Page?

In any case it is more complicated because with crutches the ability to sit down or have your hands free is simply not possible. That's why the Page is really cool.

What can you possibly recommend to other people who might have had an accident? 

Just never never never give up. You get to know people here during rehabilitation who have come to terms with the situation, who just take things in their stride. There are those who have diabetes but stil eat their toast and honey and drink Fanta every morning and say: well I have medication that helps to make the whole situation better or at least bearable. But that is not my goal. I want to get fit again, and be able to participate in everyday life, to do sports and get back to work without being in any pain or having any restrictions. And that's quality of life to me. And to achieve that you have to work hard at it. Even if there are sometimes days when it really gets you down... sometimes you might have to one day take one step back and two days later two steps forward again. But be determined and don't give up, that's important. Everybody says you need time and patience but I don't have both. I think a lot of young people have the same problem. Especially in today's world, where everyday life is so fast living. But you have to accept that that's the way it is, and simply go at the pace that the injury demands.



Manuel Mutmacher

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