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Club2 Riser Chair Gray - cut out: lying
Club2 Riser Chair Gray - cut out: lyingClub2 Riser Chair Beige - cut out: lyingClub2 Riser Chair Gray - cut out - front viewClub2 Riser Chair Beige - cut out: front viewClub2 Riser Chair Gray - sitting downClub2 Riser Chair Gray - lyingClub2 Riser Chair Gray - sittingClub2 Riser Chair Gray - detail: side viewClub2 Riser Chair Gray - detail: headrestClub2 Riser Chair Beige - detail: headrestClub2 Riser Chair Gray - Detail: seam

Club 2

Are you looking for a relaxing armchair with a rising-up aid in which you can also sleep comforta-bly?

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EUR 1.699,00
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  • Sleeping in an armchair
  • Stepless backrest adjustment
  • Adjustable headrest inclination
  • Magnetic remote control: Klack&Fix


You can find the right accessories for your needs here. Numerous accessories make your Club2 easy chair your favourite.


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EUR 39,00
Product details
EUR 39,00
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EUR 69,00

Standing and sleeping armchair Club2

Are you looking for a relaxing armchair with a stand-up aid in which you can also sleep comfortably? At the same time, it should make sitting down and getting up easier and safer - you can lift into a standing position or gently set it down again. Everything electrically and at the touch of a button with an intuitively understandable control that you can always find within reach. Ergonomics experts in Germany combine high-quality motors, electronics, upholstery fabrics and upholstery foams to create your chair dream.

Club2 is the sleeping and stand-up armchair that ingeniously combines comfortable lying, ergonomic sitting and safety in operation with exceptional comfort.

Seniors' armchair with stand-up function and horizontal reclining position:

You can control all sitting, lying and standing positions individually, with two motors. You can adjust the footrest and backrest exactly the way you want them to be.


The engines are powerful and barely audible. They lift up to 150 KG into a safe position or keep you safely asleep horizontally, like in a bed.

Remote control:

The remote control has 7 buttons, some of which are pre-programmed for easy operation, but you can also safely move them to any desired position:

  • Stand up and sit down - the armchair lifts you safely into a standing position or gently lowers you into a sitting position. You will never plop into the armchair again or have to swing painfully out of the armchair in the weighing technique.
  • Sitting / Starting position - Your feet and back are at about 90° to a chair angle; the seat width can be adjusted using the soft armrest cushions.
  • TV or reading position - you adjust these individually. A tip from a seating expert: Change the angle setting more often, which relieves pressure and makes sitting healthier.
  • Headrest adjustment - you can achieve a better TV or reading position by manually adjusting the Winkelder headrest. Simply push or pull the headrest firmly forward or backward and you will sit much better and your head will look forward.
  • Sleep - Feet up and the back is lowered up to 100% horizontally. This position is pre-programmed and can be selected with only one control button. Lying horizontally flat like in an airplane or bed, comfortable for a nap or as a visitor's bed.

The remote control can be magnetically fixed on the armrests. All buttons can be seen at a glance. It also hangs securely on the sides of the armrests or on the headrest of your Club2 armchair (particularly important in the stand-up position) - this technology was invented by SALJOL and is called Klack&Fix, because a magnet ensures adhesion. Annoying bending over is avoided.


Various upholstery layers ensure good sitting and sleep, offering firm support at a pleasant soft degree. The head, back and armrest cushions are filled with washable polyester wadding and can be individually padded by removing or adding wadding.

The Club2 Soft armchair has removable and adjustable back, seat and arm cushions. Either timeless grey or stylish beige. Can be ideally combined with headrests and side cushions made of soft, easy-care brown imitation leather (accessories). All materials have been tried and tested in the upholstered furniture industry. They comply with REACH and ROHS standards and can be treated with upholstery cleaning agents.

Seat depth / Seat height

An armchair is only comfortable when it fits you. The seat depth and seat height are decisive. With the extra-soft Club2 Soft armchair, you can choose the seat depth, 46 or 51 cm.

side pockets

Books and newspapers can be stored in the side pockets, which are elegantly integrated into the side parts of the armchair.


Four castors make it easier to change the position of the armchair, but please don't, as long as someone sits comfortably in the armchair.

By the way, we only install TiMotion motors and electrical engineering as well as proven
and mechanics further developed according to our specifications.

Our safety standards comply with the EC Machinery Directive 2006 / 42 / EC Annex II, 1 A; as well as: EC 2006 / 108 / EC EMC Directive.

Result of the user test of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gerontotechnik GGT, January 2018:

Club2 Soft Sleeping, stand-up and reclining chair "Good" with mark 1.6.

The majority of 14 seniors aged 51 - 80 assess the functions and processing as very good. In the practical test were the Club 2 and the particularly soft padded Club 2 soft. Here it was shown that this particular option was important for some testers who found the other variant too hard or too soft. The majority of testers rated the seat height, seat depth and seat width as "very good". For a tester, this armchair was so comfortable that he remarked in the free text: "This is lying in business class".

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Picture gallery Club2

Club2 Riser Chair Gray - lie
Club2 Riser Chair Gray - lean back
Club2 Riser Chair Gray - sitting with raised foot section
Club2 Riser Chair Gray - side view
Club2 Riser Chair Gray - side view - lift up
Club2 Riser Chair Gray - side view - stand up
Club2 Riser Chair Gray - stand-up
Club2 Riser Chair Gray - sit down
Club2 Riser Chair Gray - sit down with remote control
Club2 Riser Chair Beige - stand-up
Club2 Riser Chair Beige - front view
Club2 Riser Chair Beige - lying

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