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FAQ's Club stand-up chair

Table of contents

How many years of warranty do I get on the Club stand-up chairs?

You receive, for the Club stand-up and reclining chairs, the legal warranty of 12 months. The warranty refers to provable material or manufacturing defects.

Do you offer an assembly service?

All Saljol stand-up and reclining chairs can be ordered with a comfortable set-up service, for an additional charge.

The local medical supply store usually offers this service automatically.

Do the armchairs have a rechargeable battery in addition to normal mains operation?

If you want to use the armchair without the power cord, you can order a rechargeable battery as an accessory. Then the power cable only needs to be used to charge the battery.

Can I also adjust/order the chair individually to my height?

The seat depth can be adjusted in two stages. This seat depth adjustment allows the armchair to be adjusted to the length of your thigh. This is a real advantage in this form. You can make further adjustments by choosing additional cushions, which are available as accessories.

How can the armchair be adjusted?

The individual positions can be conveniently adjusted using the remote control.

What should I do if the chair stops moving?

We recommend that you check the power plug and all other external plugs. If the plug and all other plugs are securely connected, please contact our customer service.

With the Club2 model, you can reset this at any time by pressing the top two buttons on the remote control. If this does not work either, please contact our customer service department.

What do I do if the chair can no longer be adjusted?

The reset function resets all settings to the factory settings. Please read point 8.3 Troubleshooting in the operating instructions or contact your dealer or our customer service directly.

Can I move the armchair to another position?

All Saljol recliners and stand-up chairs have castors. With these castors the position can be changed.

What happens if the seat of the armchair gets wet/damp?

Basically, all Saljol fabrics are very hard-wearing and easy to clean. Please refer to the operating instructions for cleaning instructions.

For even more protection against wetness, we recommend purchasing the Saljol incontinence pads. These can be ordered in the same fabric as your chair. They are therefore practically invisible, can absorb up to 300 ml of liquid and are washable at 60°C.

The armchair is not suitable for soaking. The electronics must remain dry.

Are the fabrics of the Club recliner chairs very sensitive?

No, all fabrics comply with the REACH standard and are very easy to clean with standard upholstery cleaning agents.

If you would still like to protect the armrests and footrest, we offer protective covers in the same fabric as your chair. These are easy to attach and can be removed for washing in the washing machine. They are washable up to 60°C.

Does the armchair also help me get up?

Yes, that's exactly what the recliner and stand-up chairs help you to do. All armchairs have a comfortable stand-up function. You are raised up particularly gently in the armchair, making it easy to stand up. And without the feeling of being pushed out of the chair.

I am slipping out of the armchair, what can I do about it?

You can use the remote control to adjust the chair settings so that you no longer slide out. There are also integrated palm rests in the armrests (not available on Club 2 Soft). This allows you to support yourself even better when standing up.

The chair pulls my T-shirt out of my trousers when I lower the backrest, what can I do about this?

The mechanism of the adjustable backrest can cause a top to be pulled out. The choice of clothing can increase the effect. The smoother, the less this effect.

The back section presses me down when I move from the sleeping position to the sitting position, what can I do about this?

Try to support the mechanism with your remaining body tension and, if necessary, reposition yourself slightly and raise the back section in stages.

Are the Club recliners and stand-up chairs covered by health insurance or subsidized?

The Club reclining and standing chairs from Saljol are not a classic aid or medical product. Therefore, it depends entirely on the individual decision of your health or care insurance company. Ask your local medical supply store about the possibilities.    For more detailed information please refer to our article: " How much is an aid worth to you".