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FAQ's for Rollz Motion² and Rollz Motion Performance

Table of contents

How much warranty do I have on Rollz Motion products?

The warranty period is 24 months from the date of purchase. There is no warranty extension for repairs. In addition, Rollz International offers the first owner a 5 year warranty against defects in material and structure of the frame, normal and intended use and regular maintenance. The general warranty period of 24 months covers parts such as handles, brake cables, hinges, adjustable handles, wheels etc. excluding wear and tear and cracks.

What is meant by a transport wheelchair?

A transport wheelchair means that you can only be pushed. The wheelchair is not suitable for moving around independently in it. You can walk independently on the rollator, but to move around in the transport wheelchair, you need an attendant.

Can I fold the Rollz Motion products? Or can my parents fold the rollator transport wheelchair?

Yes, the Rollz Motion rollator wheelchairs can be easily folded by almost anyone.

To do this, you need to pull the seat part up slightly and the sides of the rollator can be pushed together. By folding, the rollator transport wheelchair is only 31cm wide, making it easy to store in a corner or load into the car.

Unfolding works just as effortlessly. Pull the rollator apart by the push handles and push the seat part down until it locks into place. The ride is ready to go again.

How many kilograms can the network be loaded with?

The payload of the net is 10kg .

Do I have to remove the footrests when walking on the rollator?

We recommend that you remove the foot rests of the wheelchair package when walking on the rollator. If the effort of the recurring assembly is too time-consuming for you, the foot rests can also remain mounted. It does not restrict the rollator function.

Can I wash the upholstery?

You can easily wash the seat and backrest cushions of Rollz Motion rollator wheelchairs. To do this, remove the cushion, which is attached with Velcro, from the rollator. Open the zipper on the pillowcase. Always remove the cushion filling before washing. Only wash the pillowcase. Wash the cover at a maximum of 30°C and without bleaching. Do not tumble dry, iron or dry clean the cover as this may damage it.

Can I drive or be pushed over dirt roads and gravel with the Rollz Motion rollator transport wheelchairs?

With the Rollz Motion Performance, thanks to the large profile pneumatic tires, you can easily drive or be pushed over uneven and difficult surfaces. Especially if you frequently encounter such paths, it is recommended that you choose the Rollz Motion Performance directly.

Driving over such paths is basically also possible with a Rollz Motion². But with the outdoor rollator, the Rollz Motion Performance, much more comfortable and safer.

Can the pneumatic tyres of the Rollz Motion Performance get a flat?

The Rollz Motion Performance comes standard with a suitable air pump. So you can always refill air yourself in case of doubt or emergency.

Where do I put the wheelchair package if I do not need it at the moment?

You can hang the wheelchair package in the footwell of the rollator. You do not have to worry about bumping your legs when walking in the rollator. If you would like an even more comfortable solution for hanging the wheelchair package, consider purchasing the 3in1 wheelchair package holder. This allows you to hang the wheelchair package on the upper frame of the rollator.

Are the 3in1 wheelchair package holders already included?

No, you can buy the 3in1 wheelchair package holder as an accessory. By default, you can hang the wheelchair package in the footwell of the rollator. With the 3in1 wheelchair package holder you can also fix your wheelchair package above the seat. This gives you more freedom of movement when walking. A stick hook and two shopping hooks are also included in the set.

The 3in1 set also fits older Rollz Motion models.

Are there other accessories available for the Rollz Motion products?

Yes, you can equip the Rollz Motion products with further accessories. For example the back belt, the seat belt, a transport protection, a shopping bag , an umbrella, the cup holder and the 3in1 wheelchair package holder with stick and bag hook.

Are Rollz Motion products subsidised or covered by health insurance? Do you have an aid number?

Yes, the Rollz Motion² has an aid number, This means that the Rollz Motion² rollator wheelchairs can be charged with a prescription from your doctor.

The Rollz Motion Performance does not have an aid number andis therefore not part of the contract with the health insurance companies. It can be purchased freely, i.e. without a prescription from your doctor. Whether your health or nursing care insurance company co-finances part of the Rollz Motion Performance is always decided by the insurance companies on a case-by-case basis. In cooperation with your medical supply company, you can ask your health or nursing care insurance company for a subsidy.

Can I retrofit my Rollz Motion² with pneumatic tyres?

Yes, you can equip your Rollz Motion² with pneumatic tyres. Please contact your dealer. If you frequently use your Rollz Motion² on field or gravel paths, consider the purchase of the Rollz Motion Performance. In addition to the sturdy pneumatic tyres, it also has softer arm pads and an optimised seat cushion so that you slip out less easily when you are pushed.