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Field report on wheelchair cushions: Interview with Marietta

We visited Marietta at home in Andechs. In an interview she tells us why she recently started using a wheelchair, if and how much the upholstery helps her and how she stays warm in the cold. The interview can be viewed and read here:

Youtube Vorschau SJRdlw0zY2k

Marietta, please introduce yourself. Why do you need the wheelchair?

From birth, I have a rare nerve and muscle disease that is progressive and affects the whole body. Hence also in the legs and feet. Meanwhile I can go worse and worse. Usually only short distances. In addition there is strong pain. That's why the wheelchair cushions help me to get out again. I want to use the wheelchair predominantly only outside, in order to take part again in the life more and to watch also again something.

You are currently testing the SALJOL wheelchair upholstery. Why did you choose wheelchair upholstery?

Up to now I could live well without a wheelchair, but now I need it as a support when I am on the road. I became aware of Saljol via Facebook and saw that Saljol also offers wheelchair cushions for wheelchairs. Then I thought: If a wheelchair, then it should also be comfortable.

What was it like for you when the wheelchair first came? 

You brought me a wheelchair with extra padding and the possibility to test it first. I liked that very much. I also liked the fact that you came by yourself, explained the wheelchair and upholstery to me - it was all completely new to me.

 Extra wheelchair cushion - motivator - wheelchair cushion test

 Extra wheelchair cushion - motivator - First feelings about using a wheelchair

So there he was, standing in the living room. There I was a little bit different, also the one or other tear has flowed. I first had to make friends with the wheelchair and let it stand in the living room for four days.

Until it became clear to me that such a wheelchair is something good and makes life easier. So I sat down again and again, looked at it and got used to the wheelchair bit by bit.

And then the first exit came and that was really positive. You can also laugh and shine in a wheelchair. Finally we could experience something together again outside. It really gives me pleasure and fun.

How did you like the wheelchair upholstery after a few weeks of testing?

I think she's great. I don't want to know how uncomfortable it would be without it. If we fold up the wheelchair and put it in the car, we take the cushions down. When I sit in a "naked" wheelchair for a moment, it feels terrible.

The colour of the upholstery is super and beautiful. They are also very comfortable and soft. Especially on uneven roads, like cobblestones or gravel roads, driving is very pleasant.

Even with shorts or a dress, the wheelchair cushions feel nice on the skin.

How do you like the padded armrests?

I think she's great. On cobblestones the arms are always shaken. With the armrest cushions this is cushioned. Even when it's warm, you don't sweat. It always feels good.

And when something comes down from the tree in nature, you wipe it and it's done. Because the cushions are also dirt-repellent.

Extra wheelchair cushion - motivator - armrest pad

Extra wheelchair cushion - motivator - seat and back heating

How do you like the wings left and right of the seat cushion?

You feel that way in your own nest. So protected. It's a windbreak. Nothing can fall out. When we're out and about, I've got all kinds of things with me, camera, cell phone and so on. Then I can just slide it between my leg and the side wall and nothing falls out.

Besides, I can't get into the spokes of the wheels like that. So the wings help a lot.

How do you like the back padding?

So I can't imagine sitting in a wheelchair without the back cushion for my wheelchair. My spine is crooked and crooked so that it can no longer absorb vibrations. The back cushion protects and supports my back because it is so soft.

When the wind comes and the back gets a pull, the individual vertebrae become even more sensitive. Back and seat cushions both keep the wind out. Thanks to the seat cushion, I can get out in any weather and any temperature.

 Extra wheelchair cushion - motivator - seat cushion with wing

 Extra wheelchair cushion - motivator - conclusion on wheelchair cushion test

Marietta, one last conclusion from you on the wheelchair upholstery.

When I happened to hear about you on Facebook and the seat cushion for the wheelchair, it sounded ideal to me. 

So I took a closer look and was thrilled. It looks good and stands out from the other wheelchairs. The green is so beautifully colorful. Just because you have a limitation, you still need colour in your life. Many others also like the look of the upholstery.

We are also in a good mood and happy in a wheelchair. Colour is simply part of life. I think it's a great thing and I'm very happy with the wheelchair upholstery.

 Follow Marietta on Instagram:


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