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Sitting properly is good. Correct sitting is better. Supported standing up is best!

Richtiges Sitzen auf den Club Ruhe- und Aufstehsesseln

How SALJOL's Club Chairs prevent falls and improve your quality of life.

Everyone thinks of seats when they think of armchairs. It would be even better to think about sitting down too. Because hardly anyone does that properly! It is a fact that most people more or less let themselves plop into their seats. This really shakes bones and the musculoskeletal system and compresses the spine. And now? Push the button of course! Because with the SALJOL stand-up and recliners the seat moves upwards! You no longer let yourself fall, but approach the armchair. And then it goes down by lift. Very gently. And because that is not enough for SALJOL, there are three armchairs in the range, tailor-made for every requirement.

The Club1 is ideal for all those who want it to be as comfortable as it is simple. Two buttons are sufficient for intuitive operation, which is also very helpful for people with dementia. An extremely powerful motor drives a sophisticated mechanism and moves into any desired sitting position. Standing up, sitting, TV position (feet up, back comfortable, slightly lowered) and resting. Some people call this ingenious function also hybrid armchair, as this single-motor armchair allows positions to be controlled that normally require two motors.

The back cushion is ergonomically shaped, as with all club chairs. Both large and small people sit comfortably as the seat depth is adjustable. The seat surface is upholstered with box springs and thus offers decades of consistent seating comfort.

The remote control sticks magnetically to the ergonomically most important positions, no longer lies on the floor and is quickly at hand: SALJOL calls the Klack&Fix system. Also an active contribution to fall prevention!

The Club1 is also available as Club1C. In this version we have done without all superfluous seams and pockets, the covers are particularly flame-resistant, easy to wash off and easy to disinfect.

The day bed in an armchair - the Club2, with two motors, offers extensive adjustment possibilities. The seat and backrest can be operated separately - and the backrest moves backwards so that the Club2 becomes a daybed!

The fact that the backrest moves backwards when getting up provides a liberating and safe feeling when getting up and sitting down. The four castors are good, allowing the chair to be moved easily, for example when vacuuming. The seating comfort here brings the business class into the living room and those who like can sit particularly softly. With the Club2 Soft. You sit as if on clouds and can also remove the cushions and adjust the filling ergonomically according to your own wishes. Particularly practical even for very slim people.

The Club3 has, as the name suggests, three motors and offers a unique sitting position. The seat tilt can be adjusted up to 180°. The so-called "Zero-Gravity-Function", which can prevent pressure points.

That's how astronauts sat and still sit in tight spaces for a long time! Because the seat tilt adjustment works like the static construction of a vehicle or ship. All forces and weights are distributed in a balanced manner and, freely in keeping with Bengt Engström's motto, the best seating position is always the next one, at the push of a button. Weightless relaxation is the result. In addition, the lymphatic system and the heart can be relieved.

A small side effect of the ingenious design: the blouse or shirt is no longer pulled out of the trousers when driving into the rest position.
The top model in the Club series also has an illuminated, programmable remote control with memory function. You can then reach your favourite position at the touch of a button.

Club3 Ruhe- und Aufstehsessel - Willkommen im Club

Welcome to the Club

Here you will find further information about the Club stand-up chairs.

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