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Held/Taler Magnetic Stick Holder Orange - cut out
Held/Taler Magnetic Stick Holder Orange - cut out Held/Taler Magnetic Stick Holder Black - cut out Held/Taler Magnetic Stick Holder Neon Yellow - cut out Held/Taler Magnetic Stick Holder - both helpers hang on Taler in the pocket Held/Taler Magnetic Stick Holder - in front of a door Held/Taler Magnetic Stick Holder - at the ticket machine Held/Taler Magnetic Stick Holder - helpers hangs on Taler in pocket Held/Taler Magnetic Stick Holder - in the tram shelter Held/Taler Magnetic Stick Holder - at the platform

Magnetic stick holder Held Set, black incl. Taler

The practical Held and Taler set for outdoors: Simply put the Taler into your trouser pocket and your walking aid holds securely to your trousers.

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The Held rarely comes alone. For your home there are suitable holders for all your favourite places. How about having your hands free when you are on the move? The combination of Held and Taler makes it possible.


It annoys you that your walker keeps falling over? Bending down every time is exhausting and dangerous. How about your walker sticking to your trousers or handbag? Wouldn’t be nice if you’re your crutches were to hold in your favourite places around the home? Or, when two crutches could be attached together and do not fall down? Held can do all this - the magnetic stick holder from SALJOL. Also ideal as a duet with Held Taler for outdoors or the Held Set for when you are at home. Tip: also attaches itself to wheelchairs and rollators!


The Held magnetic stick holder in connection with the Held set for at home or with the Held Taler for outdoors being the most ingenious invention since there exists walking aids:

Held is a clamp made of slip-resistant TPE plastic, with five strong neodymium magnets.

Simply put it on the walking aid, cane or UA walking aid and it will stay upright as long as it is leaning against a metallic surface.

Everywhere and anywhere you will find the possibility to attach Held. To the garden fence, the lantern, the bus stop, a heater, many posts and also in public transport and park benches. The list can go on forever ...

The magnets are strong, but not so strong that they endanger life, limbs or disrupt a pacemaker ...

The Held magnetic stick holder cannot get hooked up . Elegant and stylish and is attached tightly to the stick.

In the normal version it is inconspicuous black, but it is also available in neon yellow and neon orange for visually impaired people and for better recognition in everyday life.

It fits all common diameters from 18-22 mm, for thinner poles an adapter rubber is included.

The Held set consists of a Held magnetic stick holder and three self-adhesive metal adapter plates: One for the favourite place at the table, one as a wall mount for up to two poles or crutches and a universal one. Attention: 3M's adhesive tape adheres very strongly when used correctly. Clean the area free of grease, press on very firmly, allow to harden 24 hours before loading. Very easy when you know how.

Your walking aid is attachable to your trousers! Magic? No, because you use the Held Taler. Another very strong magnet the size of a coin. Just put it in your trousers or jacket pocket and your walking aid will stick to Held. In the supermarket at the checkout, at the doctor's ... just anywhere and anytime when you need to have your hands free. Children think it's magical, but it's magnetic. We call it the Held - Taler Set.

Wheelchair and rollators users need to pay attention: Also for you the Held - Taler Set is a real help. The magnets replace the annoying Velcro straps or plastic click fasteners. Simply fix them in place with a cable tie or screws through the four fixing holes.

Security note: Magnets can damage televisions and laptops, computer hard drives and credit and debit cards, data carriers and mechanical watches, hearing aids and loudspeakers. Please keep these objects away from magnets.


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