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Page Indoor Rollator Anthrazit -  Foot brake - cut out
Page Indoor Rollator Anthrazit -  Foot brake - cut out Page Indoor Rollator Ivory -  Foot brake - cut out Page Indoor Rollator Anthrazit - foot brake - motivator -  go to the side of the narrow rollator Page Indoor Rollator Anthrazit -  Foot brake - transport Page Indoor Rollator Anthrazit -  Foot brake -  support when going to the toilet Page Indoor Rollator Anthrazit -  Foot brake - transport Page Indoor Rollator Anthrazit -  Foot brake - walk

Indoor Rollator with footbrake

The stable indoor rollator is a mobile handrail and helps you to safely master everyday life at home. Also suitable for very small apartments.

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  • Fall prophylaxis at home
  • Fits through narrow passages
  • Agile - Turning on the spot
  • Stability allows movement while seated
  • Use as supporting frame
  • Safety by means of mobile handrail

Technical data

  S M L
handle height 80 cm 86 cm 92 cm
seat height 52 cm 55 cm 58 cm
Recommended body size 135-165 cm 150-180 cm 170-200 cm
maximum user weight  150 kg 150 kg 150 kg
Maximum length 51 cm 51 cm 51 cm
Largest bottom width (wheel) 56 cm 56 cm 56 cm
Largest width top (handle) 50,5 cm 50,5 cm 50,5 cm
Distance between handles 43 cm 43 cm 43 cm
Total frame weight 9,3 kg 9,7 kg 9,8 kg


Numerous accessories for the living room rollator offer you support in every situation.

With the right accessories you can adapt the living room rollerator to your needs. From upholstered seats to wall units, you will find a wide selection.



motivators Claudius tests the indoor rollator Page

Claudius has had MS for many years. He is also dependent on a rollator in his apartment. The living room rollator Page makes his everyday life easier thanks to its great mobility. Especially in the kitchen, Claudius likes to use the rollator a lot.

 Here you can read the whole interview in English.


 "I've had MS for 25 years and my movement is getting worse. With the Living Room Rollator Page I enjoy more freedom in everyday life. It helps me when I cook, clean out the dishwasher or generally move around the apartment. When I am exhausted, I can simply support myself and sit down. That's the real added value for me!

Claudius, motivators from Saljol


The living room rollator explained in 3 minutes!

Youtube Vorschau 1f-DtpMxB7I

Page indoor rollator offers:

Page is the multifunctional and narrowest living space rollator for at home. It is as strong and safe as the handrail on your stairs; you can support yourself all around; you can sit on it and even push your feet to drive through the home (experts call it tripping). With the tray and basket it becomes a serving trolley, with the hanging cupboard it becomes a bedside table and also offers so many other options. You will love it, the page lives with you. You can run over your dining table or your WC if necessary. You stand in the page, directly at the worktop or washbasin. In many cases, it has already saved expensive conversions.

Page is the design living space rollator from a casting. What at first seems big is in reality strong, agile and manoeuvrable.
You can rely on the 38mm steel tube (the German standard for handrails, by the way) in all situations. It offers secure and pleasant hold and grip.

The basic equipment basically includes a beech multiplex seat with a load capacity of up to 150 kg, which can be removed if necessary or simply folded up forwards.
It is available in three fixed sizes so that Page does not rattle or wobble:

S = handle height 80 cm; seat height 52 cm; recommended for a height of 135-165 cm
M = handle height 86 cm; seat height 55 cm; recommended for a body height 150-180 cm
L = handle height 92 cm; seat height 58 cm; recommended for a height of 170-200 cm

  Page als Servierwagen

  • Page is very narrow only 56 cm or even only 51 cm if you push it sideways. Maybe even the narrowest rollator in the world.
  • Page turns on the spot with a turning circle of only 66 cm, no one else can do that and so he is unbeatably manoeuvrable even in narrow bathrooms and bedrooms.
  • Page is actually also a functional piece of furniture, as it combines fall prevention with classic everyday support such as setting and clearing the table or transporting laundry..
  • Its weight of 9.7 KG at size M gives it stability and you fall safety, as it is not intended for transport in the vehicle or over the stairs, an important advantage to avoid falls.

Page is available in two versions: tested with foot brake according to walking frame standard and tested and approved as hand brake version according to Rollator standard.
Page has an internal brake system to avoid getting caught with the brake cables. Easy to reach via two inspection flaps.

Page is easy to change, every accessory finds its place without tools or screws.
Page is made in Europe from strong steel and powder coated with high quality non-slip material.

Page is available in two colours that blend in well with the existing furnishings: Ivory and anthracite

The wheels have running surfaces made of anti-slip TPE with a diameter of 125 mm. Manufactured by the Finnish medical products manufacturer Manner and are of the highest quality; also tested for use in hospitals and care facilities.

We manufacture wooden trays and seats at the Höhenberger Werkstätten, a social institution near Lake Chiemsee.

Quality and safety:

Page was developed in Germany and is constantly being developed together with the users.

Our security standards comply with the 93/42EWG directive.

The Page is protected by a utility model and was registered under the German utility model DE 20 2017 101 709.5.

Fields of application

Sliding and supporting

The basic property of a living space rollator. The page will support you from all sides with a user weight of up to 150 kg. If you need more safety when running straight ahead, we recommend the Page with handbrake. It has the possibility to determine the rear wheels in the direction you know from the classic rollator.

Schieben und Stützen

Page trippel in the kitchen

Sitting and tripping

You can trifle on the page, it's unique. You can also be moved or placed at the table.

Setting the table

For this purpose, the table top can usually be driven over. Supports remain possible. Otherwise no indoor or living room rollator can do this.

Tisch decken



A complete menu of meals on wheels, no problem. A large tray and up to 20 kg payload creates every accessory from the page; tip put together a seat board and tray V-shaped on the lower step, now you can transport laundry, books, even firewood

 Sit down and stand up

In front of the chair, the armchair or out of bed. Due to its stable construction Page is a perfect help for all those who only have to support themselves but do not have to be lifted yet. Always activate the parking brake. See operating instructions.

Hinsetzen und Aufstehen

Bad und WC

Bath and WC

In the bathroom you can drive over your WC in the narrowest of spaces. Both frontally and backwards, according to your own preferences. Then apply the brake and simply hold on to the side and support it when sitting down and standing up. This may save you having to use grab handles on the walls or even a complete conversion.

Washing and kitchen work

With Page you stand directly on the sink or worktop; with a secure hold and no more bending over; a few steps to the left and right to the sides are possible. The castors can be rotated 360°.

Waschen und Küchenarbeiten

Overcoming door thresholds

When standing on the page, slightly lift the bracket at the front; Page is a living room rollator and only suitable for driving over the lowest thresholds. Ideally, the apartment should be flat or barrier-free and equipped with door sill compensators.

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