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Fun in life despite output restrictions!

Marietta, belongs to the risk group due to a neuro-muscular disease and an operated lung. In a telephone interview, she tells us how the Page residential rollator and Carbon Rollator help her stay fit and mobile at home during periods of home confinement.

The Page from Saljol is really an all-rounder and universally applicable. Help and support in daily life. Whether as laundry boy, serving trolley, gymnastic help & gymnastic equipment or kitchen help, it can be used everywhere.

Indoor room rollator Page everyday helper

In the current times of Corona everything is a bit different. As a risk person (neuro-muscular disease & operated lung) my range of movement is limited to house and garden. It is important to keep moving, because the muscles deteriorate quickly. The living room rollator Page from Saljol is a great support for me. I get safely from A to B and can also master the household. During daily gymnastics I put all brakes on and so I always have my gymnastics equipment where I need it.

Indoor Rollator Page Gymnastics

In the last days I could hardly walk two steps straight ahead without great pain. To get to the couch with a coffee cup without help is not really possible. There my bellhop is worth his weight in gold.

Indoor Rollator Page  Serving trolley

Carbon Rollator gardenig

The Carbon Rollator from Saljol helps me with my gardening! Because it is so manoeuvrable, light and safe, it is a great help for me to keep my garden tidy. And it looks good too. 

Follow Marietta on Instagram: @loewekind_auf_engelsfuessen


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