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Club1 Riser Chair Grey
Club1 Riser Chair GreyClub1 Riser Chair Beige - cut out: stand-upClub1 Riser Chair Gray - cut out: stand-upClub1 Riser Chair Beige - detail: side viewClub1 Riser Chair Beige - detail: armrestClub1 Riser Chair Gray - cut out: front viewClub1 Riser Chair Beige - detail: headrestClub1 Riser Chair Beige - stand-upClub1 Riser Chair Beige - SittingClub1 Riser Chair Beige - lying


The stand-up and resting chair with easy operation, making it ideal for people with dementia.


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  • Simple operation perfectly suited for people with dementia
  • Smooth and effortless getting up and sitting down 
  • Lumbar support, for spinal support
  • Remote control always at hand



Matching the Club1 stand-up chair, you will find selected accessories here. From lumbar cushions to seat covers, you will find everything you need.


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Picture gallery Club1

Club1 Riser Chair Beige - stand up - position with person
Club1 Riser Chair Beige - stand-up - position only riser chair
Club1 Riser Chair Beige - sitting position only riser chair
Club1 Riser Chair Beige - sitting position only riser chair
Club1 Riser Chair Beige - rest position only riser chair
Club1 Riser Chair Beige - Reading in riser chair
Club1 Riser Chair Gray - rest position front view
Club1 Riser Chair Gray - stand-up-position front view
Club1 Riser Chair Gray - stand-up-position side view
Club1 Riser Chair Gray - rest position side view
Club1 Riser Chair Gray - stand-up-position side view
Club1 Riser Chair Beige - detail: remote control
Club1 Riser Chair Beige - detail: remote control top view

Comfortable sitting

Would you like to get up easily and safely without much effort? Put your feet up comfortably or tilt your back with just a push of a button. An easy-to-use control tht is always within reach of yor hands would be a dream? The whole thing super comfortable and well sprung, in a chic design developed by upholstered furniture professionals from Germany?

Club1 is the stand-up chair that combines comfortable sitting, ergonomic competence, safety and intuitive operation very easily.

Komfortables Sitzen


      • A motor hybrid technology - means you drive in all sitting, lying and standing positions in one motion cycle.
      • The motor is strong and very quiet, it lifts up to 150 KG into a safe position.

Club1 Fernbedienung

 remote control

The remote control has two buttons. These guide you safely into any desired position:

Standing up - the armchair lifts the user into a standing position

  • Sitting - the feet and the back are at an angle of about 90° like on a chair.
  • TV or reading position - feet up, back slightly angled, otherwise only a 2 motor chair can do that
  • Rest - Feet up and the back is tilted 133° backwards.

 swivel table Tabula

Washing, eating, sitting, resting all in one chair. Particularly easy in combination with Tabula, the swivelling therapy table.

Club1 Tabula


All materials are tried and tested in the upholstered furniture industry. They comply with REACH and ROHS. They comply with the REACH and ROHS standards and are easy to clean and disinfect. The artificial leather is flame retardant.

Seat depth / Seat height

A piece of seating furniture is only comfortable when it suits you. The seat depth and seat height are decisive. For Club1, the seat depth is 56 cm. The seat height can be increased by 6 or 12 cm with an accessory. Leg length adjustment of the foot plate by 6 cm is also available.


The shape of the headrest is oval like an armchair, which gives the user a good feeling of security.


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