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SALJOL entwickelt alle Produkte in Deutschland nur für Sie.

Dadurch erfüllen wir höchste Ansprüche auf Qualität und Sicherheit.

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Information about installment purchase

Meanwhile, people who depend on walkers and other aids always put more emphasis on quality and appearance than on the price as with cheap and standard aids. You can fulfil this desire for safety and high-quality aids in a relaxed and carefree manner by buying instalments from Saljol.

Receive the desired aid immediately and pay for it in small monthly installments. You can determine the amount of the installments and the duration yourself.

Ratenkauf jetzt bei Saljol

Instalment purchase with Cashpresso

Saljol has long been looking for the best partner for simple, flexible and fair payment by instalments. We found it with Cashpresso.

It's as simple as that: Five steps:

  1. Select the payment method Cashpresso Installment Purchase in step 2 of the checkout process
  2. Receive a real time credit decision: simply enter your name, e-mail, birthday and place of residence
  3. In a short video call (via smartphone, tablet or laptop/PC with webcam) you hold your passport or identity card into the camera and an employee confirms your identity.
  4. You confirm the payment by SMS.
  5. We send the products to you immediately.

Video instructions for installment purchase

Youtube Vorschau 6qpg7Nf-Z10

Five facts about buying installments with Saljol

  • Immediate dispatch of the goods after confirmation
  • The first 2 months always interest-free
  • Minimum amount from 20€ / month or 5% of the total
  • Total amount can be paid at any time
  • You can determine the amount of the installment yourself and adjust it free of charge

Advantages of payment by instalments

Convenient shopping

Often it has to be done quickly with the aid. A fall, a diagnosis or an operation are often the decisive reason for buying a rollator, stand-up chair or other aids. At this point in time one has not always saved enough money to buy a modern and attractive aid.

Don't worry, paying in instalments simplifies the situation in many cases. With the installment purchase you can do the purchase immediately, almost completely independent of your financial situation.

Use the tool before you have paid for it in full

Saljol will ship the goods to you immediately after Cashpresso has confirmed your verification. This can happen so fast that the tool is with you before the first payment is booked. There is no quicker way to get your tool!

Your data is safe

We do not get any access to your sensitive data (like bank details, creditworthiness, etc.) at Cashpresso. We will only be informed that you are authorized for the installment purchase and that we can send the tools.

Purchase without credit card possible

No credit card is required for installment purchases. All you need is a valid identity card or passport and bank details.

Free pricing

You can determine the monthly amount yourself. At least it is 20€ or 5% of the purchase price. Of course you can always pay the total amount or reduce the installment.

And the best thing is: The first two months are always interest-free with our installment payment! So you can always divide the payment of each purchase over two months without additional costs.

Free payment in instalments with Saljol

There is no additional interest or surcharge in addition to the conditions of Cashpresso. Cashpresso does not charge interest for the first two months.

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What is a tool worth to you?

What is a walker worth to me? It is not possible for everyone to spend several hundred euros on a good idea from the Internet at once. Whether a product is worth its price depends on many factors and not least on the user's own wishes and needs.