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Club2 Mobile Care Chair Push Handle Club2 Mobil care chair size wheels Club2 Mobil care chair stand-up function Club2 Mobile Care Chairs Patient Transfer Club2 Mobile Care Chair Transport Club2 Mobile care chair

Club2 Mobile

The Club2 Mobil is a nursing chair for transporting people. Whether in a facility or at home, you can easily transport patients. The chair helps you to reduce frequent transfers to other aids.

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  • Wipe-disinfectable and water-repellent
  • Removable armrests: For the transfer from bed to chair
  • Can be combined with rechargeable battery as an accessory: No tripping hazard due to cables
  • Large wheels
  • Push handle for patient transport


You will find the right accessories for your needs here. Numerous accessories complement your Club2 Mobil riser chair to make it your favourite piece.

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Club2 Mobil - The stand-up chair for transporting people

Are you looking for a nursing chair with stand-up function? In addition, would you like to transport a person with the chair? And you want to make transferring to the chair as easy as possible? Ergonomics experts in Germany combine high-quality motors, electronics, cover fabrics and upholstery foams to create your dream chair.

The Club2 Mobil is a nursing chair for transporting people. Whether in a facility or at home, you can easily transport patients. The chair helps you reduce frequent transfers to other aids.

The reasons why the Club2 Mobil is the ideal functional chair around the clock:

Nursing chair with stand-up and sleep function:

The Club2 Mobil is a transport armchair with stand-up function.With the help of the push handle and the four wheels, you can transport one person in the chair. You can remove the armrests on the armchair for safe and easy repositioning. Even taking a nap is no problem thanks to the horizontally flat sleep function. This reduces the need for frequent transfers to a wheelchair or bed. People are gently lifted to a standing position thanks to the stand-up function. This means you no longer have to lift patients or relatives out of an armchair.

In the imitation leather version, the armchair can be wiped-disinfected and is water-repellent. So using it in a care facility and for different patients is no problem.

Club2 Mobil Transport

Club2 Mobil Fernbedienung

The operating options

The remote control has 7 buttons. They are pre-programmed for easy operation, but can also safely steer you to any desired position:

  • Stand up and sit down - The chair will safely lift you to standing or gently lower you to a sitting position. This way you will never again plop down in the chair or have to painfully swing yourself out of the chair in the cradle technique
  • Sitting / Starting Position - Your feet and back are at about a 90° angle, like sitting in a chair. You can adjust the seat width with soft cushions. The cushions are available in matching colours to your armchair.
  • TV or reading position - you can adjust this individually. A tip from the seating expert: Change the angle setting more often, this leads to pressure relief and makes sitting healthier.
  • Headrest adjustment - You can achieve a better TV or reading position by manually adjusting the angle of the headrest. Simply push or pull the headrest firmly forward or backward and you'll sit more comfortably.
  • Sleeping - Feet up and the back is lowered up to 100% horizontally. This position is pre-programmed and selectable with just one control knob. Lying like in an airplane or like in bed, comfortable for a nap or even as a visitor's bed.

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