Saljol GmbH, Ideas for better living for seniors

Ideas for better living for seniors


Saljol, founded in February 2016, occupies a special niche of the market for medical and nursing aids. We experienced that mature and aging societies face a big challenge on how to make it possible for old people to live at home for as long as possible.
Several AAL solutions and thousands of smart home ideas already exist and will help to observe and support this new and fast growing target group in several countries all over the world.
The fact that aging societies cost a lot of money has changed the rules in reimbursement and social care. Prices per person need to be lowered while the old norms and regulations are still in place. Consequently, the existing industry for rehab and healthcare products have stopped investing in new and simple solutions to make existing products better fit into the daily life of seniors at home.
SALJOL started with the Vision to change this! We are creating simple, easy but extremely effective no brainer products which do help people every day to stay independent and safe. We make existing ideas better and more available for seniors and their peer groups every day.

We think and act from the perspective of the people using these aids. More and more people are needing such aids and it is a tremendous upheaval in their lives to suddenly be dependent on help and support, especially for a generation that has worked hard in our society. We see the change, recognise the problem and offer well-thought-out solutions.
It is important to us to provide our parents and grandparents with the aid and help that they desperately need and want. Ideas for better nursing aids, for more self-management, more support, more dignity and the maximum possible enjoyment of life.

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Tips for more wheelchair comfort.

Saljol Extra Rollstuhlpolster /Wheelchair cushions

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